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The ZWO ASI664 Color produces stunning full color images and is best suited to planetary imaging by utilizing  Sony Starvis 2 technology, with a larger pixel size. This offers  greater low light performance to capture a higher degree of detail for sharper images. 

No amp glow design. 

Fast transmission: USB 3.0 coupled with DDR3 256GB built in cache to transmit images quickly while remaining stable. 

Built in HCG for high dynamic range and low read out noise.  

AR coated protective window for improved UV AND NIR performance. 

ZWO ASI664MC Color CMOS Planetary Camera

The ZWO ASI664 Color excels in capturing breathtaking full-color images, making it well-suited for planetary imaging. Its exceptional performance is attributed to the utilization of Sony Starvis 2 technology, featuring a larger pixel size that significantly enhances low-light capabilities. This technological advancement allows the camera to capture a higher degree of detail, resulting in sharper and more impressive images. The ZWO ASI664 has a no amp glow design, ensuring that unwanted artifacts do not interfere with the quality of the captured images. This design choice contributes to the camera's overall reliability and image clarity.  The camera boasts fast transmission capabilities through its USB 3.0 interface, coupled with a DDR3 256GB built-in cache. This combination enables the swift and stable transmission of images, allowing users to efficiently capture and process data without compromising on performance.  Equipped with a built-in High Dynamic Range (HCG) feature, the ZWO ASI664 further enhances its imaging capabilities. This HCG functionality not only facilitates high dynamic range imaging but also effectively reduces readout noise, ensuring that the camera delivers exceptional results even in challenging conditions.

To protect the camera interior while improving image quality and performance, the camera incorporates an anti-reflective (AR) coated protective window. This protective window serves to improve Ultraviolet (UV) and Near-Infrared (NIR) performance, allowing the ZWO ASI664 to capture a broader spectrum of light with greater precision.  The ZWO ASI664 Color stands out as a powerful and versatile imaging tool, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver stunning, detailed, and artifact-free images. Its thoughtful design and advanced features make it an ideal choice for enthusiasts and professionals engaged in planetary imaging and astrophotography.

Sony Starvis 2 Technology

The ASI664 features Sony STARVIS 2 technology.   Sensors using STARVIS 2 have a larger pixel size that enables superior light capture for producing clearer and more detailed footage, especially in low-light conditions. Renowned for its improved low-light performance, high resolution, and clarity, the Sony STARVIS 2 stands out as a technological marvel that also excels in minimizing power consumption.

High Transmission Speed

With DDR3 and a built in 256GB cache paired with USB 3.0, the ASI664MC provides fast and stable data transmission.  Fast data transmission is crucial for astrophotography for several reasons: capture efficiency, reduced downtime, real-time monitoring, post-processing efficiency, and maximizing sensor integration time.   By transmitting data quickly, you can capture long exposures without concern for data loss or extended downtimes making the most of your imaging session.  

ASI664MC vs ASI662MC

The ASI664 has a larger pixel size, greater resolution with a larger field of view than the ASI662MC.  See this comparison for more detail.

No Amp Glow

Addressing amp glow is crucial in astrophotography, as it can affect the accuracy and quality of the captured images. Strategies such as dark frame subtraction and utilizing equipment with advanced thermal management play a significant role in managing and minimizing the impact of amp glow in astrophotography.   The ASI664 is designed with specific features to minimize or eliminate amp glow and to reduce the impact of thermal noise.

Low Read Out Noise and High Dynamic Range

Quantum Efficiency

Measuring a camera's performance can be done by reviewing the QE curve and readout noise.   Higher QE and lower readout noise are needed to improving the image signal to noise ratio.  Per ZWO's readings, the QE peak of the ASI664MC is approximately 91%. 

AR Coated Protective Window

This camera includes and AR coated protective window with a diameter of 21mm and a thickness of 1.1mm which improves ultraviolet (UV) and near infrared (NIR) performance.  

Connecting to External Devices

Spec Drawing

More Information
Brand ZWO
Free Shipping Free Shipping Available
ADC 12 bit
Includes Autoguide Port No
Frames Per Second (FPS) 107.6 fps
Full Well Capacity 38.2ke
Image Stabilization No
Pixel Size 2.9µm
Quantum Efficiency (QE) 91%
Readout Noise 0.8-6.9e (1.22@19db gain)
Resolution 2.07mp
Sensor Size 5.57x3.13mm
In The Box
  • ZWO ASI664MC Color CMOS Camera
  • 1.25" Nosepiece
  • Cover
  • ST4 Cable
  • USB 3.0 Cable (2m)
  • Quick guide
  • ZWO ASI664MC Color CMOS Camera
  • 1.25" Nosepiece
  • Cover
  • ST4 Cable
  • USB 3.0 Cable (2m)
  • Quick guide
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