ZWO - ASI533MM Monochrome USB 3.0 Camera

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  • ASI533MM uses the Sony IMX533 Sensor
  • 1" square format provides excellent results at 20 fps
  • Utilizes STARVIS technology from Sony
  • Quantium efficiency peak of 91%

ZWO ASI533MM Monochrome USB 3.0 Camera

The ASI533MM Monochrome USB 3.0 Camera uses Sony's back illuminated IMX533 sensor; a 1" square format, it is ideal for intermediate astrophotography. It provides fabulous results while keeping budget under control!

Sony IMX533 Sensor Specifications

  • 1" Square Format
  • 3008 * 3008 resolution
  • ADC 14 bit
  • Read noise 1.0e
  • Full well capacity 50,000e
  • DDR3 Buffer 256MB
  • USB 3.0
  • 20 frames per second
  • 91% quantum efficiency (for monochrome sensor version)
  • 3.76μm

Advantages of 1" Square Sensor Format

A significant advantage of 1" format sensors such as the IMX533 is the capacity to generate frames at 20 fps in 14 bit mode with a 3.76μm pixel size. In addition, read out noise as low as 1.0e makes it comparable to SCMOS or EMCCD sensors and other high definition applications.

A Step Up from ASI183

Since the ASI533MM Monochrome Camera is equipped with a STARVIS sensor which are optimized for shooting exposures at night, it is essentially a step up from the ASI183 camera. The STARVIS technology renders zero amp glow, large full well capacity, low readout noise and high dynamic range.

USB 3.0 Interface and 256M DDR3 Memory

A major factor in a steady and successfull imaging experience is stable memory to avoid any dropoffs of information transfer. This can result in frame dropping or worse loss of images without sufficient computer memory. This is particularly important when doing long exposures. The USB 3.0 inteface ensures thorough transmission and the 256 DDR3 provides more than sufficient memory for proper camera and frame execution.

Say Goodbye to Amp Glow

A major benefit of the ZWO ASI533MM Camera is no amp glow notwithstanding exposure length and gain value.

QE peak of 91%

According to ZWO's measurements, the monochrome version of the ASI533 camera has a quantum efficiency peak of 91%! See the graph below.

More Information
Brand ZWO
Free Shipping Free Shipping Available
ADC 14bit
Includes Autoguide Port No
Backfocus Distance 12.5mm
Frames Per Second (FPS) 20 fps maximum
Full Well Capacity 50Ke
Image Stabilization No
Operating Temperature -5°C~50°C
Storage Temperature -10°~60°
Pixel Size 3.76µm
Quantum Efficiency (QE) 91% peak
Resolution 9.04Mega Pixel, 3008x3008
Shutter Speed Rolling shutter
USB Port USB 3.0 Type-B
In The Box
  • ZWO ASI533MM USB 3.0 Camera Body
  • 1.25" cover
  • Quick Guide
  • ST4 Cable
  • USB 3.0 Cable (2m)
  • 2" Cover
  • 1.25" Nosepiece
  • ZWO ASI533MM USB 3.0 Camera Body
  • 1.25" cover
  • Quick Guide
  • ST4 Cable
  • USB 3.0 Cable (2m)
  • 2" Cover
  • 1.25" Nosepiece
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