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The ZWO ASI482MC is a high-performance astronomy camera with a 2.1-megapixel CMOS sensor, 1920x1080 resolution, and 5.8 μm pixels. Its 12.86 mm diagonal size makes it perfect for capturing detailed images of the Moon, Sun, planets, and deep-sky objects.

This camera features a cutting-edge Sony IMX482 sensor known for low read noise, high quantum efficiency, and energy efficiency, ensuring clear and noise-free images even in low light.

With fast USB 3.0 data transfer, it can shoot at 57.5 fps at 1920x1080 resolution. Its durable red anodized CNC aluminum body withstands heavy field use.

Ready to use out of the box, it includes cables, adapters, and a manual, while software and drivers are available for download. Despite its power, it's compact, with a 62mm diameter and a lightweight design of only 133 g (4.7 oz). Perfect for taking astrophotography to new heights.

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ZWO ASI482MC Color CMOS USB 3..0 Camera

The ASI482MC is one of the latest USB 3.0 OSC planetary cameras released by ZWO in 2021. Packed with Sony sensor IMX482, this camera has some very great highlights, including a large pixel size of 5.8um, compatible with USB 2.0 interface, large full-well depth of 51.5ke-, extremely high sensitivity and super low read out noise, etc. It is considered as one powerful iteration of ZWO after years of developing process in the field of planetary cameras.

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1/1.2” Format 2MP Sensor

The IMX482 sensor is engineered with a sophisticated back-illuminated CMOS structure, representing a significant advancement in imaging technology. While its resolution is similar to that of the IMX462, what sets it apart is its considerably larger sensor size, which results in a more impressive imaging capability. The individual pixels on the IMX482 sensor are substantially larger, measuring a generous 5.8 micrometers by 5.8 micrometers.

To provide a better sense of its physical dimensions, the sensor boasts a length of 11.13 millimeters and a width of 6.26 millimeters, making it a substantial sensor in the realm of digital imaging. The diagonal measurement, spanning 12.86 millimeters, further emphasizes its sizable footprint within the imaging industry.

The adoption of a back-illuminated CMOS structure is a key feature that enhances the sensor's performance. By positioning the photosensitive elements on the reverse side of the sensor, this technology maximizes the amount of light that can be captured, leading to improved low-light performance and overall image quality. This innovation allows the IMX482 sensor to excel in various applications, from professional photography to cutting-edge surveillance systems.

Moreover, the larger pixel size of 5.8*5.8 micrometers plays a crucial role in enhancing image quality. Larger pixels have a greater capacity to collect photons, which results in improved sensitivity to light and reduced noise, especially in challenging lighting conditions. As a result, the IMX482 sensor is well-suited for capturing clear, detailed, and vibrant images, even in dimly lit environments.

The IMX482 sensor is a remarkable piece of technology, equipped with a back-illuminated CMOS structure and boasting a larger sensor size compared to its predecessor, the IMX462. Its impressive pixel size, combined with its substantial physical dimensions, positions it as a formidable choice for various imaging applications, setting new standards for image quality and performance in the industry.


Sony's SNR1s [lx] is a critical metric used for the quantitative assessment of picture quality under low-light conditions. The acronym SNR1s stands for "Signal-to-Noise Ratio at 1," where "SNR" refers to Signal-to-Noise Ratio, "1" indicates that the signal level corresponds to when the noise equals 1, and "s" emphasizes its application in the realm of security and surveillance. Essentially, it measures how effectively a camera can capture clear and discernible images in challenging lighting scenarios. Remarkably, the lower the SNR1s value, the better the image quality at low illumination, making it a pivotal factor for evaluating camera performance.

One of the standout features of the ASI482MC camera is its pixel size, which measures a substantial 5.8 micrometers. This size is instrumental in achieving an unprecedentedly low SNR1s value of just 0.08lx. In comparison, the ASI385MC, a notable camera in its own right, boasts an SNR1s value of 0.13lx. This significant difference highlights the ASI482MC's remarkable prowess in low-light conditions, effectively making it nearly twice as efficient at capturing high-quality images in the dark.

Such exceptional performance has earned the ASI482MC the well-deserved moniker of "The King of the Night." This nickname underscores its ability to excel in scenarios where other cameras may struggle, making it the preferred choice for applications requiring superior low-light image quality. Whether it's surveillance in dimly lit areas, astrophotography under starry skies, or any other situation where light is scarce, the ASI482MC reigns supreme, delivering outstanding results and setting new standards for low-light photography and video capture.

51.5ke- Full Well Capacity

The ASI482MC camera boasts an impressive full well capacity of 51.5 thousand electrons (ke-), a feature that proves invaluable when capturing breathtaking astrophotos. This high capacity allows the camera to render rich, intricate details of stars in stunning clarity. When combined with its exceptionally low SNR1s value, the result is an incredibly efficient data acquisition process. This heightened efficiency is particularly advantageous for various astronomical applications, including solar, lunar, and planetary imaging. Additionally, it positions the camera as the perfect choice for Deep Sky Object (DSO) lucky imaging, a technique that involves capturing multiple photos in short exposure times and then stacking them to improve Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR).

The ASI482MC camera's exceptional features extend its usability beyond traditional astrophotography. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA), where real-time imaging and observation are paramount. The camera's ability to swiftly capture high-quality images under challenging lighting conditions elevates the EAA experience, enabling enthusiasts to explore the night sky with greater clarity and detail.

Moreover, the ASI482MC camera can serve as an outstanding all-sky camera, a tool used to monitor and capture the entire celestial dome. Whether you're an astrophotography enthusiast seeking to unveil the wonders of the universe or an astronomer conducting research, the ASI482MC stands as a versatile and high-performing imaging solution that delivers exceptional results across a range of astronomical applications.

HCG Mode

ASI482MC has a built-in HCG mode which can effectively reduce the readout noise at high gain and keep the same wide dynamic range as you would expect at low gain. When the gain is 80, the HCG mode will automatically turn on. The read out noise fall off a cliff while the dynamic range still can reach close to 12 stops. The minimum read noise is 1.5 e.

QE Curve

The QE peak value of ASI482MC is 85% at 530nm.


USB 3.0 Port & ST4 Port
USB 3.0 Port: Like other ASI cameras, the ASI482MC is powered and controlled via USB 3.0. It provides 5Gb bandwidth to let the camera run at 82.5fps (10bit, high speed mode) or 57.5fps (12bit, normal mode) at full resolution (2Mega).
ST4 Port: Can be used to connect with auto guide port of mount for guiding.

Mechanical Diagram

What’s in the box?

More Information
Brand ZWO
Free Shipping Free Shipping Available
ADC 12bit
Includes Autoguide Port No
Backfocus Distance 17.5mm
Frames Per Second (FPS) 82.5fps maximum
Full Well Capacity 51.5K e
Image Stabilization No
Operating Temperature -5℃~50℃
Pixel Size 5.8µm
Quantum Efficiency (QE) 85%@530nm peak
Resolution 2.07Mega Pixel,1920*1080
USB Port USB3.0
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