ZWO - ASI2600MC Pro Duo Sensor Camera

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The ZWO ASI2600MC Duo camera combines the regular imaging and guiding sensors in one camera body.

ZWO - ASI2600MC Pro Duo Sensor Camera


  • The ZWO ASI2600MC Duo camera combines the regular imaging and guiding sensors in one camera body.
  • Incredible sensor metrics of low readout noise, no amp glow and 80ke full well capacity.
  • The regular imaging sensor is the Sony IMX571, a crop sensor with a 26mp resolution, 16 bit ADC and a 3.76um square pixel array.
  • The main imaging sensor has a 28.3mm image diagonal.
  • The guide sensor is the 2mp Type 1/1.8 SC2210 that has an edge up in the NIR sensitivity range which is a significant advantage especially for guiding purposes.
  • The Type 1/1.8 SC2210 sensor has a measured quantum efficiency peak of 92% at 500nm, ensuring the guiding object is seen seamlessly.
  • Full well capacity measurement of 80ke, representing a 1.6x increase over the original ASI2600MC Pro.
  • Zero amp glow due to improved sensor circuitry.
  • Maximum frames per second in RAW 8 mode is 15 fps at full resolution, quicker than the ASI2600MC Pro.
  • The Sony IMX571 has a quantum efficiency peak of 91% incredible photon capture and processing rate.
  • Includes two stage TEC cooling to prevent heat from ruining exposures.

Benefits of Two Sensor Design

As a compact camera, the ASI2600MC Duo only needs one USB cable, thus removing extra cable clutter and risk of disconnection during use. There is also no requirement for a separate off axis guider and guide camera, further simplifying the imaging configuration. Tilt adjustment is also a breeze with the three rear points on the camera without having to remove it.

Images below show optical tube assembly, tripod, mount and ASIAIR. Please note, these are NOT included!

Type 1 1/8 SC2210 Guiding Sensor

The Type 1 1/8 SC2210 sensor is very sensitive; having a peak QE of 92% at 500nm. This represents fabulous photon processing through the sensor layers. The readout noise is also very low at 0.6e. This sensor has been successful in guiding for many astrophotographers and is considered a new benchmark for guiding.

Sony IMX571 Crop APS-C Sensor - Incredible Sensitivity

The main sensor is the Sony IMX571 which is a crop sensor with a resolution of 26mp. The diagonal is equivalent to 28.3mm and pixel size is 3.76um. Normally the full well capacity is 50ke, however the new hardware technology, it has been boosted to 80ke full well.

Sony Starvis and Back Illuminated Sensor Advantages

The Sony IMX571 is a BSI or Back Illuminated sensor. Back-illuminated CMOS sensors and STARVIS technology are important because they provide better sensitivity and image quality in low-light environments.

In a traditional front-illuminated CMOS sensor, the wiring and circuitry that read the light signals from each pixel are located in front of the photodiodes that capture the light, which can obstruct some of the incoming light and reduce sensitivity. In a back-illuminated CMOS sensor, the wiring and circuitry are located behind the photodiodes, which allows more light to reach the pixels and results in higher sensitivity and lower noise levels. This makes them particularly useful for low-light photography and videography, as they can capture more detail and produce cleaner images.

STARVIS is a type of back-illuminated CMOS sensor that is specifically designed for high sensitivity to visible and near-infrared light, which allows it to capture clear images even in very low-light conditions. Overall, back-illuminated CMOS sensors and STARVIS technology are important because they enable cameras to capture high-quality images in low-light environments.

Excellent Sensor Measurements

16 Bit ADC

The Sony IMX571 has an ADC of 16 bits. This has a number of advantages including but not limited to higher resolution, improved SNR ratio and better dynamic range accomodation.

Frames Per Second

At RAW 8 mode, the ASI2600MC Duo camera has a full resolution frames per second of 15. This is an improvement over the ASI2600MC Pro.

Sensor Measurements Graphs

USB 3.0 Interface and 512MB DDR3 Buffer

The ZWO ASI2600MC Duo has increased data transfer using USB 3.0, a major step up from USB 2.0. This is a crucial element to have for high resolution imaging and long exposure accomodating faster rates with more data.

The DDR3 buffer includes 512MB of memory resulting in a more consistent image stream and reduced change of frames dropping and data loss.

Zero Amp Glow - Improved Circuitry in Sensor

When traditional CMOS sensors are used, they often produce a faint infrared light in the corner of uncalibrated images, known as amp glow. However, the ASI2600MM Duo does not have this issue because it uses zero-amp glow technology as a result of improved circuitry in the sensor construction. This means that even if you use high gain or long exposure for imaging, you don't have to worry about amp glow.

Quantum Efficiency Peak of 91%

TEC Cooling System

The ASI2600MM Duo uses a two-stage TEC cooling system to cool down the CMOS sensor to a temperature that is 35 degrees Celsius lower than the surrounding environment. This cooling process effectively decreases the amount of dark current produced and reduces the sensor noise, even when the camera is taking photos for long periods.

Dark Current Noise

Anti Dew Heating

A heater made of polyimide material is available for the ASI2600MM Duo camera, which perfectly fits its protective window. This heater can be useful in preventing dew or ice buildup while taking pictures, especially in certain environmental conditions. It has a power of approximately 5 watts, but can be turned off from to save power.

What is Included

More Information
Brand ZWO
Free Shipping Free Shipping Available
ADC 16 bit (main sensor)12 bit (guide sensor)
Includes Autoguide Port No
Frames Per Second (FPS) 15 (main sensor) 14 (guide sensor)
Image Stabilization No
Quantum Efficiency (QE) 91% (main sensor) 92% (guide sensor)
Readout Noise 1.0e-3.3e (main sensor) 0.6e (guide sensor)
Resolution 6248x4176 (main sensor) 1920x1080 (guide sensor)
Sensor Size APS-C (main sensor) 1/1.8" (guide sensor)
USB Port USB 3.0 (main sensor) USB 2.0 (guide sensor)
In The Box
  • ZWO ASI2600MC Pro Duo Sensor Camera
  • Camera Bag
  • USB 2.0 cable (0.5m) x 2
  • M54M-M54F (16.5mm) Adapter
  • M54M-M54F (21mm) Adapter
  • M54M-M48F Adapter
  • Hexagonal Wrench
  • USB 3.0 cable (2m) x 1
  • Quick guide
  • ZWO ASI2600MC Pro Duo Sensor Camera
  • Camera Bag
  • USB 2.0 cable (0.5m) x 2
  • M54M-M54F (16.5mm) Adapter
  • M54M-M54F (21mm) Adapter
  • M54M-M48F Adapter
  • Hexagonal Wrench
  • USB 3.0 cable (2m) x 1
  • Quick guide
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