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The ZWO AM5 Harmonic Drive Mount is a fully computerized high-precision mount designed for portability and accurate tracking. 

This ZWO AM5 Harmonic Mount easily switches between AZ and EQ modes. 

No counterweights are needed for loads up to 28 pounds, this compact but robust mount can carry up to 44 pounds with counterweights added.  

Weighs just 11 pounds.  

Built-in Wi-Fi, the AM5 is ready for remote control or use of the included hand controller. 

**Please see more information regarding ASIAIR boxes.  

ZWO - AM5 Harmonic Equatorial Mount

If you're in search of a lightweight yet robust mounting solution for your astrophotography endeavors, this purpose-designed mount is an excellent addition to your astrophotography toolkit. Tailored for amateur astrophotographers, the ZWO AM5 Harmonic Equatorial/Alt-Azimuth Mount provides a secure and high-quality platform for your imaging setup. With a weight of 11 lb. (5 kg.), it can support up to 28.66 lb. (13 kg.) without the need for counterweights and up to 44 lb. (20 kg.) with a counterweight. Whether you're heading to star parties or your favorite celestial imaging spot, rest assured that the ZWO AM5 Harmonic Mount will securely hold your equipment, allowing you to capture stunning celestial views with confidence.

NOTICE: You will need to remove the little finder shoe and the two M4*8mm hex screws from the side panel and connect them to the mount's dovetail saddle plate to install the ASIAIR box. Do not completely screw in the rest of the two hex screws after taking off the finder shoe, try to keep the length between 3-5mm. Anything more can cause the cables to be damaged and the mount not to function.

In terms of compatibility, the ZWO AM5 Harmonic Mount seamlessly integrates with the Meade LX200, offering astrophotographers a versatile platform for their celestial observations and imaging endeavors. Noteworthy is the M12 thread on the counterweight shaft, providing users with the flexibility to customize their setup with compatible counterweights as needed. The RA Drive of the mount features a robust Harmonic NEM42 Stepper Motor, specifically Model No. 17, boasting a high reduction ratio of 100:1 and a built-in brake mechanism. On the other hand, the Dec Drive incorporates a Harmonic NEM35 Stepper Motor (Model No. 17) with a reduction ratio of 100:1. These precise and powerful motor specifications highlight the AM5 mount's commitment to delivering reliable and accurate tracking performance, ensuring compatibility with select telescope models and reinforcing its position as an ideal choice for astrophotographers seeking a dependable and adaptable mount for their astronomical pursuits.

ZWO AM5 Harmonic Equatorial/AZ Mount Features:

  • Strong load capacity – Without CW (13 kg), with CW (20kg)
  • Multi-function EQ and Azimuth Mount
  • Wi-Fi Connection and Live Star Database with Hand Controller and APP for Control
  • Precision control harmonic drive speed reducer with synchronous belt
  • Traditional EQ mounts need counterweights, thus it is difficult to keep balance in RA and DEC directions, making them inconvenient for on-the-go astro imagers. The AM5 solves this issue! Sufficient in load capacity AND convenient!

Mount Body

Inside the mount body head, ZWO has included and optimized the harmonic drive speed reducer and synchronous belt, resulting in a reduction ratio of 300:1 and remarkably accurate control
The harmonic drive speed reducer included in the AM5 takes astro imaging to another level! The low periodic, smooth gearing, and high torque features result in a guiding accuracy of 0.5 – 0.8 arc seconds.

Mount control from Equatorial to Altaz can be switched from the APP or hand controller. When used in equatorial mode, the mount excels at tracking and photographing objects and when used in altaz mode, it is great for visual observation. The status light will change from red to green when switching from Equatorial to Altaz.

AZ/EQ Dual Function

ZWO has ingeniously engineered the AM5 mount with a versatile feature that allows seamless switching between equatorial and alt-azimuth mount modes, offering users flexibility in their astrophotography and observation pursuits. This mode transition can be effortlessly accomplished using the provided hand controller or, for added convenience, through a dedicated app on your smartphone or tablet. The mount's body is equipped with an intuitive status light indicator, serving as a visual cue to the current operational mode. A red light signifies the AM5 is in equatorial mode, optimal for precise tracking and imaging of celestial objects. On the other hand, a green light indicates the mount is in alt-azimuth mode, ideal for observational purposes. This dual-mode capability enhances the adaptability of the ZWO AM5 mount, catering to both astrophotography enthusiasts who seek pinpoint accuracy in capturing celestial wonders and observers who value a versatile mount for detailed sky exploration.

Control Flexibility

Controlling the AM5 mount is a streamlined and user-friendly experience for astrophotographers, offering two convenient options: the provided hand controller or wireless control via WiFi, allowing seamless management from a smartphone or tablet. The package includes a well-designed rocker-style hand controller, characterized by its ergonomic size that ensures easy handling. The unique rocker-style design facilitates versatile movement, enabling users to manipulate the mount in multiple directions effortlessly. Moreover, for wireless control, users can leverage the integrated WiFi functionality emitted by the hand controller. This feature opens up a range of capabilities, including Tonight's Target, GoTo, Live Preview, and more, enhancing the overall control and precision of the ZWO AM5 mount. It's worth noting that to access the WiFi functionality, the controller must be connected, enabling it to emit the signal for wireless communication, providing users with a flexible and efficient means of managing their astrophotography setup.

Harmonic Drive Technology

The precision control of the mount head is achieved through the integration of a Harmonic Drive speed reducer and a synchronous belt. Unlike traditional equatorial mounts that necessitate the use of counterweights for balance, the ZWO mount distinguishes itself by eliminating the need for counterweights, although users have the option to add them if desired, with the mount featuring an M12 thread interface compatible with user-supplied counterweight shafts. This innovative design not only streamlines the setup process but also enhances accuracy in control, offering a remarkable reduction ratio of 300:1. The incorporation of the Harmonic Drive speed reducer and synchronous belt not only optimizes the efficiency of the mount but also showcases ZWO's commitment to providing astrophotographers with a versatile and user-friendly tool for their celestial imaging endeavors.

Protection from Power Failures

The ZWO AM5 EQ/Alt-Az mount head comes equipped with a robust power brake system, adding an extra layer of protection to your valuable imaging equipment. In the event of an unexpected power failure during operation, the AM5 mount incorporates a specialized power failure protection design. This crucial feature prevents potential damage to your telescope by instantly triggering the brake system, ensuring that your telescope doesn't inadvertently fall or sustain harm. The significance of this safeguard becomes apparent in safeguarding the well-being of your imaging equipment. By promptly halting the mount's movements in response to a power failure, the brake system allows you to maintain the balance and safety of your equipment, providing peace of mind and reliability during your astrophotography sessions. This thoughtful design from ZWO underscores their commitment to ensuring the longevity and security of your imaging gear in various operational scenarios.

Periodic Error Curve

ZWO's strain wave gearing system, meticulously crafted in collaboration with renowned manufacturers, represents a significant advancement tailored specifically to meet the demands of astrophotographers. This innovative design, featured in the ZWO AM5 mount, introduces a range of exceptional attributes that elevate it to a must-have addition for astrophotography setups. Noteworthy among these features is the remarkably low periodic errors, ensuring unparalleled precision in tracking celestial objects. The gearing system operates with impressive smoothness, enhancing the overall user experience, while the mount's high torque capability further solidifies its standing in the realm of astrophotography equipment.

A standout quality of the ZWO AM5 Harmonic Mount is its guiding accuracy, finely tuned within the impressive range of 0.5 to 0.8 arc seconds. To guarantee consistent and top-tier performance, each mount undergoes meticulous measurement and is equipped with an exclusive periodic error (PE) curve before leaving the factory. This commitment to precision and quality assurance ensures that astrophotographers can rely on the ZWO AM5 to deliver exceptional results, reinforcing its reputation as an indispensable tool for capturing the beauty of the cosmos with unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

90 Degrees Latitude Range

The ZWO AM5 mount boasts an impressive 0-90° latitude adjustment range, offering unparalleled flexibility to astroimagers. This innovative design enables users to seamlessly transition between alt-azimuth and equatorial modes, catering to diverse astronomical observation needs. When operating in alt-azimuth mode, astroimagers can easily adjust the pitch angle grip for the first gear, achieving a range from 0° to 60°. Additionally, for the second gear, a simple loosening of the hex-head screw allows adjustment of the pitch angle grip within the 45° to 90° range.

This dual-gear latitude adjustment not only enhances the versatility of the ZWO AM5 Harmonic Mount but also accommodates users in both low and high-latitude locations when utilizing the mount in equatorial mode. This means that regardless of your geographical location, the ZWO AM5 provides the adaptability required for effective equatorial mode operation, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for astroimagers across a wide range of latitudes. This latitude adjustment feature underscores the mount's commitment to meeting the diverse needs of astronomers, making it a valuable asset for capturing celestial wonders with precision and ease.

Do More with ASIAIR

A supplementary wireless control solution for the AM5 mount is offered through the ZWO ASIair Plus (sold separately). This compact wireless module introduces a convenient way to manage the mount using your smartphone or tablet, enhancing the overall user experience. For those seeking to incorporate the ASIair Plus into their camera setup, the option is conveniently available in the suggested accessories section or can be accessed through the provided hyperlink. It's important to highlight that this mount is fully compatible with all versions of the ASIAIR, offering users the flexibility to choose the wireless control solution that best aligns with their astrophotography preferences. Whether opting for the included wireless control features or exploring the additional capabilities of the ASIair Plus, the AM5 mount ensures seamless and adaptable integration into your celestial imaging endeavors.

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Brand ZWO
Free Shipping Free Shipping Available
Case Included No
Includes Autoguide Port Yes
Periodic Error Correction No
In The Box
  • ZWO AM5 Mount Head
  • Hand Controller
  • Controller Cable (2 meters)
  • Carry Case
  • USB 2.0 Cable (2 meters)
  • Performance Sheet
  • Quick Guide
  • M6 and M4 Allen Keys
  • ZWO AM5 Mount Head
  • Hand Controller
  • Controller Cable (2 meters)
  • Carry Case
  • USB 2.0 Cable (2 meters)
  • Performance Sheet
  • Quick Guide
  • M6 and M4 Allen Keys
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