Vaonis - Hestia Smartphone Dedicated Telescope with Dust Cover and Table Top Tripod

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Utilizing smartphones and Vaonis Hestia Telescope cutting-edge sky navigation technology, users can effortlessly capture images of the night sky and even the Sun (with the optional Solar filter). Use the Vaonis Hestia Smartphone Telescope and eliminate the need for complex imaging setups.

Vaonis Hestia Smartphone-Dedicated Telescope with Dust Cover and Table-top Tripod

Vaonis Hestia Smartphone Telescope Features

  • Vaonis Hestia, coupled with a smartphone and advanced sky navigation technology, allows users to image the night sky and the Sun (with a separate Solar filter) without complex setups.
  • Positioning the smartphone on Hestia's ocular provides enhanced sharpness and magnification by 5x and 25x, respectively.
  • Utilizing the Hestia solar filter (sold separately) facilitates easy capture of solar activity like sunspots, ensuring detailed and precise images.
  • Nighttime observation with Hestia reveals amazing lunar details and allows for capturing bright deep sky objects with impressive clarity.
  • Setup is quick and effortless; attach the Hestia head to the tripod and align the smartphone camera with the ocular.
  • Designed with a patented 6-lens system featuring a 30mm objective and prisms for optimal light transmission, ensuring pristine optical quality.
  • Customizable magnets accommodate various smartphone sizes and designs, while the absence of electronics in Hestia extends its lifespan.
  • Table-top tripod
  • 1.8° field of view.
  • Limiting stellar magnitude of 7-8.
  • Saves images in JPEG and TIFF formats.
  • Users can navigate the night sky with ease using the Vaonis "Gravity" App.

Using a Smartphone for Imaging the Cosmos

By mobilizing smartphones and Vaonis Hestia telescopes’ state-of-the-art sky navigation technology, users can image the night sky and the Sun (with Solar filters - sold separately) without the hassle of long-drawn-out imaging setups. By positioning the smartphone on the Hestia's ocular and aligning, the user has an imaging experience guide right at their fingertips! By using the smartphone with the Hestia ocular, sharpness and magnification are boosted by 5x and 25x respectively!

Perfect for Viewing Solar Activity

By using the Hestia solar filter (NOT Included, sold separately), a distinguished benefit of the Hestia with a smartphone is the relative ease of capturing solar activity such as sunspots and other changes. The photo below is the result of using the iPhone 14 with the Hestia (with a solar filter). The details are rock solid!

Lunar and Deep Sky Observation

Nighttime observing of the cosmos is also unmatched by the Hestia! Lunar details are exquisite and even a couple of brighter deep sky objects like star clusters and nebulae larger in angular size can shine through detail pretty magnificently. The photo below is the moon taken with the iPhone 14 and Hestia.

Easy and Quick to Use

A key benefit of the Hestia is how quick it is to setup. All the user must do is attach the Hestia head to the tripod and align the smartphone camera with the ocular. That is it!

Patented Six Lens Optical Design

For pristine optical quality, Vaonis has designed the Hestia with a patented 6-lens design with a 30mm objective and a series of prisms to transmit light. This design furthers its ability to be compatible with small sensor formats on a smartphone.

Compatible and Built to Last 

To accommodate for future smartphone sizes and designs, the Hestia has customizable magnets to fit any smartphone size. In addition, because the Hestia features no electronics (all the involved electronic components are in the smartphone) but rather just optics, it avoids deteriorating electronics. This extends its shelf life substantially.

Navigate the Sky with the Vaonis "Gravity" App

Users can guide through the night sky with the Vaonis "Gravity" App!

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  • Vaonis Hestia
  • Dust Cover
  • Table top tripod
  • Vaonis Hestia
  • Dust Cover
  • Table top tripod
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