Used Equipment Purchases & Trade Ins

We want to turn your used gear into new equipment or cash!  Trade in and trade up with us.

Reach out to [email protected] with your item details.  Submissions are reviewed and we'll contact you with any questions we might have along with a price for your used telescope, mount, camera or accessory.  If you like the price, we'll send you a shipping label. It couldn't be easier! 

Please use the guideline below for your submissions:

1.  Don't forget!  Brand and Model Number.  We'd also like to know the year, if known.
2.  Please include info and pictures of any instruction manuals, accessories and any original packaging you might have.
3. Be sure to get detailed pictures of your equipment, including close up images of any wear and tear or blemishes.
4. Provide information about the working condition of the item you're selling.
5.  A phone number we can reach you at.
6. Information on packing material, box sizes and packed weight.
7. Pick up address so we can provide you with a shipping label.