Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes strives to keep information up to date, however shall not be responsible for inaccuracies, typographical error or omissions found on this website. We reserve the right to make product information and pricing changes without notice. Specifications, features and promotions about product found on this website are obtained from the manufacturer and may be changed by the manufacturer without our knowledge at any time.

Compliance with consumer eligibility rules required by the manufacturer to qualify for factory rebates or other similar promotional programs shall not be the responsibility of Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes.

Any consumer complaint or special compensation requests resulting from such promotional programs is between the purchaser and the manufacturer and shall not involve Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes.

Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes assumes no liability for the use of any information posted for the use of any product described on this website.


Product pricing and shipping costs are subject to change without notice and pricing found on our websites may expire or change at any time.  

We endeavor to keep our websites, feeds, marketing materials and social media posts current however, all orders are subject to review by staff or management to ensure that pricing or promotional offers are accurate to manufacturer pricing and product availability.  Payment will not processed until a review has been made and you will be contacted in regard to any discrepancies.   Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes reserves the right to offer alternative offers or fair compensation in the event of a discpreancy or make changes or offers based on manufacturer changes, lack or excess product availability, changes to market conditions, errors in advertisements by either the manufacturer or the Store or other conditions beyond the Store's control.  


When placing an order on our sites, your card or account will have a pending authorization made against it to verify funds only.   Customers are not charged in full until the Store is able to fulfill your order. In most cases, this will be the day that your is processed for shipment.  In instances where an item is fulfilled by a third party warehouse, or manufacturer directly there may be a delay of up to 5 business days between billing and shipment.  Any delays longer than this, such as custom or special order items, will be discussed prior to your account being charged.  

Items noted as being "In Stock" will be shipped as promptly as possible.  In most instances for orders received before 1pm Pacific, shipments are processed the same day.  Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes does have multiple warehouse locations and items may need to be transferred or packaged requiring more time.  At most the Store may require up to 3 business days to package and process your shipment.  


In an effort to keep our customers informed, the Store may display a variety of stock status on our sites. Stock quantities are updated to the site from our stock management system on a regular basis and adjusted regularly.  There may be discrepancies in stock quantities or availability that we are unaware of or caused by extenuating circumstances not within the Store's control.  Below is a short list of common stock statuses you will find on our site: 

In Stock - The item is either in stock at the store or held at a third party warehouse.

More on the Way - This is an item that the Store typically will stock, but is out of stock at the moment.  There are no known extended delivery times based on information from the manufacturer or supplier.  

Special or Custom Order - This item is only ordered on a customer's behalf, to their specification or at their request.  Commonly, prepayment or a deposit is required and may be non-refundable. 

No Longer Available or Discontinued - The manufacturer has made known to us that this item is not available for purchase.  We do our best to offer alternatives if a similar item is available.