Takahashi - TPL-50 Plossl Eyepiece

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The Takahashi 50mm TPL eyepiece from Takahashi is made from glass with high refractivity and low dispersion, delivering precise and sharply contrasting views. It is a 48° field of view.

Takahashi TPL-50 Plossl Eyepiece

TPL-50 Features

  • Takahashi TPL eyepieces utilize highly refractive, low-dispersion glass for exceptional pinpoint and sharp quality.
  • Chromatic aberration is minimized, with levels at about half of the Takahashi Abbe series and two-thirds of the LE series.
  • Multilayer coatings cover the entire lens surface, ensuring a 99% transmission rate across the visible light spectrum.
  • A matte finish on the eyepieces helps reduce stray light, enhancing contrast in views.
  • The 50mm TPL-50 Plossl has a 48° field of view and around 35mm of eye relief.

Unmatched Sharp Quality without Breaking the Bank

The Takahashi TPL eyepieces consist of highly refractive and low-dispersion glass which result in excellent pinpoint and sharp contrast in views by minimizing chromatic aberration to half of what is present in the Takahashi Abbe eyepiece series and two thirds of the LE series. To further improve contrast, Takahashi has coated the eyepieces with multilayered coatings with a visible light 99% transmission rate and reduces stray light with a matte finish.

This configuration of the TPL eyepiece is a 50mm Plossl with a 48° field of view. The eye relief is approximately 35mm.

More Information
Brand Takahashi
Free Shipping Free Shipping Available
Focal Length 50mm
Apparent Field of View 48°
Eye Relief Approx 35mm
Parfocal No
Optical Coatings Multi-Coated
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  • Takahashi TPL-50 Plossl Eyepiece
  • Takahashi TPL-50 Plossl Eyepiece
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