ZWO - ASI120MC Color Astronomy Camera

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The ZWO ASI120MC Color Camera can be used for a wide different range of astronomy applications, ranging from acting as a planetary imaging camera at 35 fps to a deep sky camera at 215 fps.

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Product Description

The ZWO ASI120MC Color Camera can be used for a wide different range of astronomy applications, ranging from acting as a planetary imaging camera at 35 fps to a deep sky camera at 215 fps. This results in a resolution or pixel array of 1280x960 for approximately 1.2 million pixels. A 150° lens is included to turn this camera into an All-Sky Camera to take pictures of the Milky Way or even meteor showers! This is an all-in one camera!

The housing of the ZO ASI120MC Color Camera is made of aluminum and includes a USB interface. An ST4 autoguider port it also built in to connect your favorite autoguider. The threading for this camera is a 2" interface but has a standard M42 to 1.25" nosepiece.


Supported Resolutions:




















    • A great camera for the Moon, Sun, Planets as well as Galaxies, Clusters and Nebulae.


    • The ZWO ASI120 Astronomy Camera offers industry leading frame rate range for greater imaging flexibility and performance.


    • ZWO includes a 150 Degree Lens which when connected turns your ZWO ASI120MC into an All-Sky Camera.


    • This camera has a beautifully crafted CNC machined aluminum body that looks great when connected to any telescope.


    • A built In ST4 Auto Guider Port allows for the easy connection of your favorite autoguider.


  • An integrated IR Filter eliminates Infrared spectrum and protects your sensor dust.

The ZWO ASI120MC Color Imager is an incredibly flexible astronomy camera perfect for astro photographers that want a superior all in one camera. It can be argued that the ZWO ASI120 Imager is the best choice for planetary and general imaging in its price range. Don't take our word for it, just do a Google search on the ZWO ASI120 and you will see a number of reviews from satisfied customers from around the world.

A camera for numerous occasions the ZWO ASI120 produces great images of Moon, Sun & Planets as well as Galaxies, Clusters and Nebulae. The engine behind this camera is the CMOS AR0130CS 1/3" Sensor which offers a top end resolution of 1280x960 pixels or 1.2 megapixels. One of the many impressive features of the ASI120 is that it delivers up to 215 frames per second (FPS) at a at reduced resolution settings and a substantial 35 FPS at full resolution. This wide range of capture resolution settings allows amateur astronomers to conduct planetary and deep sky imaging without having to switch cameras.

All Sky Camera Capabilities are built into the ZWO ASI120MC camera. All you have to do is attach the supplied 150 Degree lens and you have an effective all sky camera. Now you can capture images of meteor showers with your all in one Astronomy Camera.

Ready to go out of the box the ZWO ASI120MC Color Imager comes with an included CD that contains the ZWO User Manual, Windows Camera Driver, ASCOM Driver, SharpCap Image Capturing Software, FireCapture Image Capturing Software and Stakkert 2 Stacking Software.

ZWO ASI120MC Color Astronomy Camera 
Specifications and Features

    • The ZWO ASI120 Color Astronomy Camera has a CMOS AR0130CS 1/3" Sensor.


    • Resolution of 1280x960 pixels or 1.2 megapixels this camera can capture beautiful images of your favorite celestial object.


    • The ZWO ASI120 Astronomy Camera has an exposure range from 64s-1000s.


    • Light weight at only 100 grams.


    • Easily Connects to your PC via USB 2.0 Interface.


    • Included CD contains instruction manual, drivers and software.


  • Comes with a 1 year factory warranty.

The ASI120 is a sensational camera that amateur astronomers are gravitating to in droves. See for yourself what all the excitement is about, shipping is on us!







Name ZWO - ASI120MC Color Astronomy Camera
Manufacturer ZWO
UPC 0611550605296
Model ZWO-ASI120MC
Angle of view 63°
CCD Class Available Standard
Computer Interface Windows
Exposure time 64µs-1000s
Pixel Size 3.5 um
Quantum Efficiency Peak 75%
Resolution 1280 x 960
Sensor Type CMOS Single Sensor
Warranty Click here for Warranty Info


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