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Takahashi - TOA-150B Refractor Optical Tube Assembly


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Availability: Available - Ships in 2-4 Days


Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

Manufactured by: Takahashi


Takahashi TOA-150B Refractor Optical Tube Assembly

*Tripod and mount shown in image not included

  • New design 150mm triplet Ortho apochromat
  • Extremely high order of color correction, absolutely color free images
  • Highly portable with a retractable lens shade, compact tube
  • 10 to 1 fine focuser and finder quick release standard
  • 4° focuser w/camera rotator bearing allows 360° rotation without losing focus
  • Optional f/5.5 Super Reducer for medium format CCD cameras and large chip digital SLRs
  • Oversized tube for superior baffling
  • Knife edge baffles for extremely high contrast images
  • Enhanced back focus to allow the use of any combination of CCD camera, filter wheel, binocular viewer or 2° diagonal



The TOA-150 is the second Takahashi Ortho Apochromat to be developed by Takahashi. It features a newly designed triplet objective. This new design like its smaller companion the TOA-130 is absolutely color free.

The 179mm oversized tube was used to provide superior baffling and extremely high contrast. Knife edged baffles inside the tube help provide this great contrast.

The high contrast and total lack of color makes the TOA-150 not only an outstanding optical instrument, but it can be used to make outstanding images with a CCD, digital SLR or film camera. Framing the image or placing the ocular in a convenient position is made simple because of the built-in camera angle adjuster that allows the 360° rotation of the camera or ocular without loss of focus.

The smooth heavy duty retractable lens shade allows the length of the TOA-150 to be reduced to 38° for easy transport to remote sites.

Attaching the Extender TOA converts the 150 into and f/11.68 planetary instrument capable of very high magnification images. It maintains the color correction and flattens the field.





pinwheel galaxy m101 takahashi ota refractor ccd imaging astrophotography toa-150b


What is refractor without amazing astrophotography qualities? The TOA-130 apochromatic ota not only excellent for visual use, but also for photographic use, specifically in CCD imaging. Planetary observing is to die for in this scope! The slowish f/7.3 focal ratio with a focal length of 1100mm allows for high magnification which can bring out magnficient planetary detail in objects like the moon. If the observor wants to increase their magnification even more while retaining optical quality, the Extender TOA is just what they want! With this optional accessory, the observor can transform this telescope from a f/7.3 to an f/11.68, allowing substantial high magnification!

A 4" focuser is supplied with the Takahashi TOA ota that allows full 360 turns of a CCD camera for flexibility when taking images. It also adds on 225mm backfocus to increase usage of optional accessories like filter wheels







Additional Information

Name Takahashi - TOA-150B Refractor Optical Tube Assembly
Manufacturer Takahashi
Model TOK1501
Manufacturer Part No TOK1501
Backfocus Distance 275.0mm
Focal Length 1100mm
Focal Length w/ flattener 1080mm (with 35 flattener)
Focal Ratio f/7.33
Focuser 4° w/Camera Angle Adjuster and 10:1 Micro Edge Focuser
Image circle 1.6x = 1.3°
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 13.4
Objective 150mm triplet Ortho Apochromat
Optical Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Optical Design Refractor - Apochromatic