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Takahashi - Mewlon 210 Dall-Kirkham Telescope - (EM-11 USD III Mount)


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Manufactured by: Takahashi

Takahashi - Mewlon 210 Dall-Kirkham Telescope - (EM-11 USD III Mount)


Takahashi Mewlon 210 Dall-Kirkham Telescope with EM-11 USD III Mount

The Mewlon Series of Dall-Kirkham Telescopes by Takahashi combines refractor-like performance in a larger folded optic reflector design.

The integral polar alignment telescope and R.A. axis level make accurate polar alignment to within 2 arc minutes of the celestial pole quick and easy. The reticle is designed to be used in either Hemisphere until the year 2030. No other manufacturer uses such a highly accurate polar telescope.

Package includes:

  • EM-11 USDIII 300X mount,
  • FC-L tripod,
  • 7X50 finder,
  • Dovetail,
  • Diagonal,
  • 24mm LE eyepiece


SPECIFICATIONS for the M-210 (Tube assembly only)

  • Effective aperture 210mm
  • Focal length 2415mm/1961mm w/reducer
  • Focal ratio F/11.5-F/9.3 w/reducer
  • Resolution 0.55"
  • Limiting magnitude 13.4
  • Light grasp 900x
  • Photographic field 1.2° w/reducer
  • Total length of main tube 700mm
  • Diameter of Primary mirror 220mm F/2.9
  • Secondary mirror 65mm /X4
  • Finder scope 7x50 6.3°

Product Series

The Mewlon series of Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain telescopes from Takahashi offer the experienced observer a level of performance and portability not found in other Cassegrain telescopes mass produced for amateurs. Classical Cassegrain telescopes offer excellent performance but they are extremely expensive to produce at large apertures. By concentrating on the Dall-Kirkham Cassegrains, the Mewlon offers a professional level of performance within reach of most amateurs.

The Mewlons use an ellipsoidal figure on the primary mirror and a spherical figure on the secondary. By focusing on very tight tolerances for these surfaces, Takahashi is able to deliver a compact telescope with reasonable aperture and high resolution. Where fast F/ratios are not required, the F/12 Mewlons provide excellent contrast by utilizing a smaller secondary mirror than comparable Cassegrain designs. Secondary obstruction as a percentage of diameter is 29-31% on the Mewlons. Classical Cassegrain telescopes usually have secondary obstruction of 32% or greater. Commercial Schmidt-Cassegrains have secondary obstructions of approximately 38% for F/10 systems. Ritchey-Chretien Cassegrains have even more secondary obstruction making them less suitable for visual, high contrast applications.

Takahashi uses extensive knife-edge baffling to minimize stray reflections as well as a specially designed tube that also acts as a light baffle. The result is an instrument that rivals an excellent long-focus Newtonian or refractor for contrast and sharpness. Some opticians have criticized the Dall-Kirkham design as having unacceptable coma. With most eyepieces (including Panoptics & Naglers) the coma is negligible and well outside the field of view. Stars are much smaller and sharper than in commercial Schmidt-Cassegrains. Coma may be a problem for wide-field astro-imaging, but these instruments were not designed for such tasks. With Takahashi's field flattener/reducer, these instruments offer superb off-axis images at F/9.

The 250mm and 300mm models have electronic focusing accomplished by moving the secondary mirror. This eliminates the image-shift problem inherent to commercial Schmidt-Cassegrains with moving primary mirrors. Because of the loose tolerances required in moving large and heavy mirrors on a baffle tube, most SCT's will not maintain perfect collimation. Image quality is then compromised in such optical systems. The large Mewlons also have removable covers for their primary mirror cells, this aides in rapid mirror cooling so that the observer can take advantage of favorable seeing conditions more quickly. These features make the large Mewlons ideal for high-resolution CCD imagery.

With the Mewlon series, one doesn't have to sacrifice optical performance for high portability. The 8.3" Mewlon 210 weighs just 18lbs (8.2kg) with a 7x50 finder attached. The Mewlon 250 weighs only 28lbs (12.7kg) and is remarkably compact for a 10" Cassegrain. Both of these instruments are highly portable and offer deep sky views that are exceptional. On the planets, many observers have reported seeing details they thought impossible with telescopes of this aperture. With the exception of a few diffraction spikes around bright stars, on might believe they were observing with a large apochromatic refractor. The advantage, though, is a greater amount of light grasp and resolution than a comparably priced refractor. Indeed, the Mewlons offer an exceptional value in their aperture class.

So if you desire a professional grade instrument in a compact, lightweight package or are tired of compromising light grasp for crisp detail and contrast, check out the Mewlon Cassegrains by Takahashi. You will be pleasantly surprised by their performance. For further analysis of the Takahashi Mewlon Series of Dall-Kirkham Cassegrains, please read Jean Dragesco's review in his book High Resolution Astrophotography, Cambridge University Press, 1995.

Additional Information

Name Takahashi - Mewlon 210 Dall-Kirkham Telescope - (EM-11 USD III Mount)
Manufacturer Takahashi
Model TLS2143
Manufacturer Part No TLS2143
Telescope Aperture 8.1" - 10"
Aperture 210mm
Finderscope 7x50 6.3°
Focal Length 2415mm/1961mm w/reducer
Focal Ratio F/11.5-F/9.3 w/reducer
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 13.4
Primary Mirror 220mm F/2.9
Resolution 0.55"
Secondary Mirror 65mm