Tim Connolly - Elephant Trunk Nebula

Customer Tim Connolly captured these gorgeous images of the concentrated region of gases known as the Elephant Trunk Nebula within the ionized gas region IC 1396.
I finally have been using my new monochrome camera and filters!
Elephant’s Trunk Nebula - IC1396, in the constellation Cepheus. The first image is constructed using the Hubble Palette. (Red Channel - Sulphur II, Green - Hydrogen Alpha, Blue - Oxygen III). The second image is a bi-color image using Hydrogen Alpha (Red) and Oxygen III (Blue/Green).
Lights - 12 - 5 minute exposed images
Darks - 25
Bias - 25
Flats - 25
Orion 8” F3.9 Newtonian
ZWO ASI 1600 mm-pro
ZWO 7nm narrowband filters
Celestron CGEM DX Mount
Captured using SGPro (Trial Version)
Stacked in DSS
Processed in Photoshop
Tim Connolly ??
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