TO - R-G Solar Film Full Aperture Fits: C-4.5, C-114, C-5, Meade ETX 125 & Nexstar 5 Telescopes

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R-G Solar Film Full Aperture 127mm\5.00", Outer Cell 152mm\6.00"

SKU: RG-6000
Manufactured by:
Thousand Oaks Optical

Product Description

R-G Solar Film by Thousand Oaks Optical Full Aperture 127,,\5.00", Outer Cell 152mm\6.00"

Fits: C-4.5, C-114, C-5, Meade ETX 125, Nexstar 5

Thousand Oaks Optical R-G Solar Film is designed with quality and cost in mind. This specific solar film provides a superior image of the sun at a very economical price. Unlike other brands of thin film solar filters, the R-G Solar Film provides a more pleasing and natural Yellow-Orange image of the sun our customers have come to know and love through our Glass Solar Filter product line. The film also available in sheets for those who like to make their own solar filters. Guaranteed 5 years.

  • The R-G film offers the highest resolution with high magnification.
  • R-G-Solar Film filters are completely safe for unlimited visual use. If handled with care and common sense, they'll last a minimum of 20 years to life.
  • R-G and Glass filters have highly reflective coatings that can cause internal reflections between the filter and camera lens since the filter and lens are in close proximity. This problem is less likely to occur with telescopes, however, mounted telescope filters can be tilted slightly to move any internal reflections off the central axis and out of view.

The R-G Solar film by Thousand Oaks Optical now brings superior solar imaging to the amateur astronomer. The question may come up as to why? R-G Solar Film emphasizes more on the natural yellow and orange colors of the Sun which is what makes the viewing so extraordinary. Last but not least, R-G Solar Film offers high resolution even at high magnification!




Name TO - R-G Solar Film Full Aperture Fits: C-4.5, C-114, C-5, Meade ETX 125 & Nexstar 5 Telescopes
Manufacturer Thousand Oaks Optical
Model RG-6000
Custom Stock Status In Stock


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I have used this solar filter for several days. I can get the scope to focus but i can only see an Orange ball. I was hoping that i could also see the Sun spots as well. Maybe i am doing something wrong. I am using an adapter and lens specifically made for my Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I do enjoy using the filter as i am sure that i will be able to record solar events like an eclipse. (Posted on 5/5/2015)
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