TeleVue - 6mm 72° Delos Eyepiece

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This TeleVue Delos Eyepiece has a 6mm focal length and is presented in a 1.25" format. Continuously adjustable height eyeguard system that can be locked in any position

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Product Description

Televue 6mm 72° Delos Eyepiece

Whether an individual is a researcher or an astronomer, everyone likes to keep their telescopes updated with the latest products and software. It is a real treat for your eyes if you are able to see the stars and planet all bright and clear and this can only be possible if you have the right kind of eyepiece for your precious telescope. If you are one of the people who are looking for the perfect eyepiece for a brighter view then you should know all about the TeleVue eyepieces. TeleVue is honored to announce the 6mm Delos eyepiece with focal length of 20mm and a 72° apparent field of view. The TeleVue Delos are also available in other sizes as well.


  • This Tele Vue Delos Eyepiece has a 20.0mm eye relief.
  • Continuously adjustable height eyeguard system that can be locked in any position.
  • This TeleVue 3.5mm Delos Eyepiece achieves full field sharpness, virtually perfect f θ (theta) distortion mapping, and color neutrality.
  • Realistic 72° apparent field of view. 


TeleVue makes absolutely spectacular eyepieces for your telescopes. The wide range of specifications and features available in these eyepieces are unlike any other optical products. There are different types of eyepieces manufactured by TeleVue, each with its own specialty. These are Ethos, Nagler, Plössls, Zoom, Panoptic, Radian and Delos. Here, we intend to tell you just about the specific and wonderful features of Delos eyepieces.

While buying an eyepiece for your telescope an important thing to keep in mind is the eye relief feature. For people who do not wear glasses it does not really matter what the usable eye relief is because they can easily move a little closer to the eyepiece for a full field view. But people who wear glasses do not have this kind of luxury.  These people cannot move closer to the eyepiece if the eye relief is shorter because of their glasses. You will need at least 15 mm of eye relief or probably longer if you want to have a full field view with your glasses on. That is where your Delos eyepiece comes in handy, because it provides you with the perfect eye relief eyepiece design. The TeleVue Delos eyepieces have an eye relief of 20mm making it easier for the people with glasses to see the full field. The Delos eyepieces have an apparent field of 72°. They have the same optical properties as the famed 100° to 110° field Ethos products such as neutral color balance, virtually perfect mapping and full field sharpness. The only setback is that you would have to sacrifice some field of view for the longer eye relief.  But it is not such a bad thing after all because a lot of your money will be saved and you will be getting a product that’s at par with the quality of Ethos.

Now there are also different versions of the Delos 72° apparent field eyepieces. Most of them have almost the same features and specifications but you still might get a little confused in deciding which one will be best for your telescope or binoviewer. In order to help you out a bit in this situation, if you are looking for a classic eyepiece with a good and long eye relief eyepiece design,  then you should buy a 6mm Delos eyepiece. It has a focal length of 6mm and it will be perfect for you whether you are using a binoviewer or a telescope. Its image fidelity is maximized with the help of special anti-reflection multicoatings that match the performance quality of all the other Delos premium eyepieces. The 6mm Delos eyepiece is designed for high contrast solar system and deep space observance. It can be used with a telescope of any type and any size. Many other optical products in this focal length range have a shorter usable eye relief but this product has an eye relief of 20mm which specifically consider the ease of people with glasses.

These 6mm Delos 72° apparent field eyepieces come with an eyeguard which is easily adjustable and it can be easily locked in the desired position at any height in order to accommodate your eye whether you wear glasses or not. This adjustable eyeguard also helps to enhance the contrast for better viewing. There is also a reference mark on the eyepiece body so that if it accidentally moves from its place or if you change its position for other observers you can return it back to its position afterwards to accommodate your eye. The 6mm Delos eyepiece has a lens of 35mm diameter so it becomes necessary to stop any extraneous light from entering your eye and to make this possible, this product offers a rubber fold down eyecup. This eyecup can be used along with the TeleVue Dioptrx astigmatism correcting lenses for better viewing.

This product has a 1.25 inch barrel and it is par focal with all the other TeleVue 1.25 inch eyepieces and also threaded to accept standard 1.25 inch eyepiece filters. It comes with a safety groove for the thumbscrew of the telescope focuser. It also has a narrow body which is excellent to be used in a binoviewer. It has a strong rubber grip and comes with covers for both ends of the eyepiece so that no dust gets inside. It weighs about 1 lb. and offers a five year warranty for customer satisfaction. There is no product out there with features like this and this optical product is a must for your telescope and to make your star gazing experience full of fun and amazement.

So, if you want to give it as a gift to your fellow astronomer or simply want to update your own telescope, a 6mm Delos eyepiece should be your choice because it is a true masterpiece.

The Delos was conceived as a narrower field Ethos. Reducing the field to 72° allowed freedom to increase eye relief, while controlling pupil aberrations, all without making the eyepiece too large. With Ethos performance standards as benchmarks, the Delos design achieves full field sharpness, virtually perfect ƒθ (theta) distortion mapping, and color neutrality. Image fidelity is maximized utilizing glass matched multi-coatings and anti-reflection surfaces throughout the eyepiece.


Name TeleVue - 6mm 72° Delos Eyepiece
Manufacturer TeleVue
Model TEL-EDL-06.0
Apparent Field of View 72°
Eye Relief 20mm
Eyepiece Barrel Size 1-1/4 inch
Field Stop Diameter 7.6mm
Focal Length 6mm


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