Meade - ETX125 Observer Edition Telescope - 205005

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  • The Meade ETX125 is back! The Meade ETX125 Observer Edition Telescope features the same design features as Maksutov Cassegrain optics and a fully computerized mount on a sturdy tripod but with a few key updates to bring it into the 21st century like an AudioStar hand controller.

  • This computer-guided telescope offers stunning crisp views, great for a first serious telescope, classrooms, outreach or as a grab-and-go option.

  • The Meade 205005 was voted a best telescope of 2017 by Sky & Telescope magazine's hot product list!

SKU: MEA-205005
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Product Description

Meade ETX125 Observer Edition Telescope

Since it's introduction the Meade ETX series has been one of the most popular small telescopes among amateur astronomers, outreach volunteers, classrooms and serious astronomers looking for a grab and go option.  All the sizes available, the Meade ETX125 5" Maksutov Cassegrain telescope has been a clear favorite. The reasons are clear. The Meade ETX 125 is a portable, fully computerized telescope with a sturdy all-metal tripod, and crisp Maksutov Cassegrain optics. Fully capable of being used in both observing and photographic applications, the ETX 125 offers maximum versatility at an incredible value.

About Maksutov Cassegrain Optics

Traditional SC telescopes have a secondary mirror that is held in place with a bracket commonly known as a "spider".  This bracket and surrounding cell create a relatively large obstruction in front of the primary mirror.  The result is a decrease in light gathered which lowers contrast and brightness.  For larger telescopes, this design is an effective way to balance aperture and cost.  At 5", the ET125 can take advantage of perhaps the best optical design for a reflector telescope.  The Maksutov Cassegrain or Mak-Cass, uses a curved corrector plate with the secondary mirror coated directly to it.  There is no spider or cell to obstruct the light any more than the mirror surface needs and the curved corrector plate helps focus light with a higher accuracy than other designs.  Colors become truer, more light is gathered per aperture, and the contrast is thereby boosted making a Mak-Cass telescope an optimal choice for planetary and lunar observing or imaging.   

About Meade AudioStar

The Meade AudioStar features audio files and an internal speaker. This computerized celestial object locating system plugs into the telescope's handbox port allowing a quick telescope alignment.

Once aligned with the sky the AudioStar is ready to take you to any object in the over 30,000 object database. In addition to GOTO and tracking capability the AudioStar permits a wide array of fascinating and educational functions such as multiple Guided Tours, digital positional readouts, the ability to link with a PC using optionally available software and cord, and much more.

Included with your Meade ETX 125 Observer Telescope

  • 9.7mm and 26mm Plossl eyepieces
  • AudioStar hand controller
  • Bubble level compass
  • Software DVD


Name Meade - ETX125 Observer Edition Telescope - 205005
Manufacturer Meade
Model MEA-205005
UPC 709942997514
In The Box Meade ETX 125 Telescope Tripod AudioStar Hand Controller 9.7mm Plossl Eyepiece 26mm Plossl Eyepiece Software DVD
Aperture 125mm
Eyepiece 1 9.7mm Plossl
Eyepiece 2 26mm Plossl
Eyepiece 1 Magnification 196x
Eyepiece 2 Magnification 73x


Review and collect 50 points.
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There are several features I like about this particular series and I'm very happy with mine. The clutches can be loosened and I'm able to move the tube assembly manually for day or night time spotting if I don't feel like using the computer aided GoTo system. This is a plus because not all portable GoTo telescopes like this can do that. The alignment procedure is really fast and easy too because the GPS acquires date and time and I simply have to level the tube and point it north. After that, the Easy alignment procedure pops up on the handset and it's ready to move on its own to the first alignment star. Even though it tells me it's aligning to a star I don't know, it always points toward a bright star, so I don't have to guess which star it's aligning to. After I centered the first alignment star, it went to a second alignment star and repeated the same process and the telescope was fully aligned. There's a couple of great features I found very helpful such as spiral search and target sync. The tripod also has an EQ wedge to eliminate field rotation while taking longer time exposures with my camera and there are several different photographic accessories available for this telescope. I also attached a Stella Wifi system which allowed me to control the telescope with my Ipad and this is really cool!!! This telescope also talks to you and gives descriptions of various objects. I'm very happy with this purchase and the ETX's are very popular telescopes. (Posted on 2/9/2017)
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In the Box

Meade ETX 125 Telescope
AudioStar Hand Controller
9.7mm Plossl Eyepiece
26mm Plossl Eyepiece
Software DVD