Takahashi - Mewlon 210MM Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain Reflector, EM-11 Temma-2M Mount, and FC-L Tripod - Package

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Waiting on new and improved version.

Takahashi uses extensive knife-edge baffling to minimize stray reflections as well as a specially designed tube that also acts as a

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Waiting on new and improved version.

 Presenting  the TAKAHASHI Mewlon-210mm Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain Relector, Temma 2 EM-11 GoTo Mount, and FC-L Tripod - PACKAGE
 The Mewlon series of Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain telescopes from Takahashi offer the experienced observer a level of performance and portability not found in other Cassegrain telescopes. The classical Cassegrain telescope design offers excellent performance, but is extremely expensive to produce at large apertures. By concentrating on the Dall-Kirkham Cassegrains, the Takahashi Mewlon telescope offers a professional level of performance within reach of most amateurs. 

The Takahashi Mewlon employs an ellipsoidal shape on the primary mirror and a spherical configuration on the secondary. By focusing on very tight tolerances for these surfaces, Takahashi is able to deliver a compact telescope with reasonable aperture and high resolution. Where fast f/ratios are not required, the f/12 Mewlons provide excellent contrast by utilizing a smaller secondary mirror than comparable Cassegrain designs. Secondary obstruction as a percentage of diameter is 29-31% on the Mewlons. Classical Cassegrain telescopes usually have secondary obstruction of 32% or greater. Commercial Schmidt-Cassegrains have secondary obstructions of approximately 38% for f/10 systems. Ritchey-Chretien Cassegrains have even more secondary obstruction making them less suitable for visual, high contrast applications. 

Takahashi uses extensive knife-edge baffling to minimize stray reflections as well as a specially designed tube that also acts as a light baffle. The result is an instrument that rivals an excellent long-focus Newtonian or refractor for contrast and sharpness. Some opticians have criticized the Dall-Kirkham design as having unacceptable coma. With most eyepieces (including Panoptics and Naglers) the coma is negligible and well outside the field of view. Stars are much smaller and sharper than in commercial Schmidt-Cassegrains. Coma may be a problem for wide-field astro-imaging, but these instruments were not designed for such tasks. With Takahashi's field flattener/reducer, these instruments offer superb off-axis images at f/9. 

Takahashi produces precision optical surfaces capable of delivering a near perfect airy-disc heretofore unheard of in a production Cassegrain-design based instrument.  Because the Mewlon primary mirror is larger than the effective aperture, its cell installation engineering helps to eliminate mirror stress which can cause astigmatism. The focuser mechanism has also been carefully designed to reduce shifting and maintain consistency. Focusing the M-210 is achieved by moving the primary mirror either farther from or closer to the secondary mirror cell by turning a silky smooth focusing knob on the optical back of the instrument.

Also included in this "ready to rock" package is a Takahashi EM-11 Temma 2 Mount and a Takahashi FC-L Mahogany Tripod

At first look, the EM-11 looks like a smaller version of the EM-200.  It has many of the same features and ergonomic design, simplicity and usability . Very little time is required to understand the functions and controls of the EM-11 EQ mount.  Two cables are enough for its basic use for visual purposes - power connection and hand controller functions. The total integration of stepper motors in the mount structure simplifies the adjustments and reduces maintenance to a minimum. This is a true EQ GoTo computerized mount which only requires either an optional Takahashi Advanced Temma hand controller or connection to a PC (Pegasus 21 system software included)

The EM-11 mount uses  the same hand controller as the other Takahashi models; a speed control switch (fast or normal speeds with green/red LED), a slewing reverser in R.A. and DEC. and four R.A./DEC. directional control buttons.  The hand control panel has all the same features present on other Takahashi mountings; general and standby switches, North/South hemisphere switch, sidereal/solar tracking switch, slewing speeds and polar finder illuminator adjustments, power and hand control inputs, RS-232 Serial and autoguiding connections.

The EM-11 polar finder, fully integrated  into the mount housing facilitates  fine polar alignment in just minutes   It is calibrated with a built-in ring level and its reticle is illuminated by an internal LED whose intensity (brightness) is adjustable from the control panel. As on the JP-Z and the EM-500 mounts, a provided graph gives assistance to find the position of Polaris in real-time.  



M-210 Mewlon features:

  • Effective aperture:   210mm
  • Focal length (prime focus):   2415mm/1961mm w/reducer
  • Focal ratio (prime focus):   F/11.5-F/9.3 w/reducer
  • Resolution:   0.55"
  • Limiting magnitude:   13.4
  • Light grasp:   900x
  • Image circle:   18mm/39mm w/reducer
  • Photographic field:  1.2 w/reducer
  • Total length of main tube:   700mm
  • Diameter of main tube:   244mm
  • Primary mirror:   220mm F/2.9
  • Secondary mirror:  65mm /X4
  • Secondary Obstruction:   31%
  • Finder scope:   7x50
  • Gross wt. of main tube assembly:   8kg (17.6lbs)



Name Takahashi - Mewlon 210MM Dall-Kirkham Cassegrain Reflector, EM-11 Temma-2M Mount, and FC-L Tripod - Package
Manufacturer Takahashi
Model TLS2144
Alignment Procedures EQ North Align, EQ South Align
Aperture 8.3"
Counterweights 7.7 lb
Eyepieces 24mm LE
Finderscope 7 x 50 Optical Finder
Focal Length 2415mm
Focal Ratio f/11
Highest Useful Magnification 599x
Image circle 18mm, 39mm with optional reducer
Limiting Stellar Magnitude 14.1
Mount Motorized Equatorial
Optical Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Optical Design Corrected Dall-Kirkham
Optical tube diameter 244mm outer
Optical Tube Length 27.5"
Optical Tube Weight 18 lbs
Star Diagonal 2" Star Diagonal
Tripod FC-L Wood Tripod


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