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  1. PrimaLuceLab - SPIDER 230C - Compact Radio Telescope


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    The PrimaLuceLab SPIDER 230C compact radio telescope is equipped with the 2.3 meter WEB230-5 parabolic antenna which is constructed for a large diameter while maintaining a low weight and offering better resolution quality and lower wind sensitivity due to its greater diameter and perforated surface when compared to normal antennas.

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  2. PrimaLuceLab - SPIDER 300A - Advanced Radio Telescope


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    PrimaluceLab's SPIDER 300a is the worlds first professional quality compact radio telescope. The waterproof telescope allows you to use it anytime, in almost any conditions. The 3 meter high gain antenna is mounted on a specialized Alt-Azimuth mount optimized for superior tracking performance.

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  • PrimaLuceLab - SPIDER 500A - Advanced Radio Telescope


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    The PrimaluceLab SPIDER 500A is an advanced radio telescope designed to make advanced radio astronomy accessible to professionals and institutions that are engaged in space sciences research. The SPIDER 500A advanced radio telescope is a complete and ready to use system, with a 5 meter diameter antenna and all the parts needed to record radio waves coming from space at 1.42 GHz frequency of and with both a radiometer for continuous recordings and a spectrometer for recording light data.
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