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  1. iOptron - ST-640 Electronic Microscope w/ LCD screen

    SKU: IOP-6820

    In stock

    This high-tech microscope is capable of both digital viewing through a large 3.5” LCD screen and via traditional eyepieces for additional magnification. The camera imbedded in the digital eyepiece can shoot both pictures and videos
  2. Celestron - Universal Mounting Plate, CGE

    SKU: CEL-94214

    In stock

    The universal mounting plate attaches to the mounting platform of your CG-E equatorial mount.  It allows you to attach a variety of accessories including telescope rings, spotting scopes and cameras
  3. Celestron - CoursePro (Gray)

    SKU: CEL-44870

    In stock

    CoursePro is a line of GPS devices that assist golfers on the golf course. They provide information on an LCD screen about downloaded golf courses that are stored in their memory

  4. Vixen - Cable Release Bracket

    Regular Price: $67.96

    You Pay: $57.77

    SKU: VIX-39191

    In stock

  5. TO - Digital Dew Heater Control Unit


    In stock

    FOUR CHANNEL:Each heater output is controlled independently and has a full range of adjustment from 0-100%. This eliminates the problem of overheating or not reaching desired temperature regardless of heater size and combination

  6. TeleVue - Afocal Radian Adapter 28mm*

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    SKU: TEL-DRA-0028

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    This TeleVue Digital Camera Adapter DRA-0028 connects your digital camera to Radian adapter for 28mm filter threads.Couples your digital camera and Radian Televue eyepieces for afocal imaging
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  7. TeleVue - Bino Viewer (Binoviewer) with BVP-2001

    SKU: TEL-BVP-2002

    In stock

    The night sky with one eye closed is missing a lot. Open both eyes and see the dramatic improvement in resolution, contrast, and viewing comfort.

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  8. TeleVue - BinoVue Flat Coupler

    SKU: TEL-BVC-0125

    In stock

    The BinoVue Flat Coupler is a flush nose piece for Bino Vue, necessary when used with TeleVue 85 scope and 60 degree diagonal
  9. TeleVue - Equalizer 2" - 1.25" Adapter*

    SKU: TEL-BEC-0005

    In stock

    Solid bronze High Hat adapter for matching heavy 2 inch eyepiece. Includes clamp ring

  10. Takahashi - Teegul Sky-Patrol III Equatorial Mount

    SKU: TAK-TSP6100

    In stock

    This ingeniously designed Takahashi equatorial mount is really lightweight and portable: It weighs only 7-3/4 lbs (3-1/2kg) and, with the 5-1/2" long counterweight shaft removed, will fit in a 7" X 8" X 3-3/4" space! Takahashi suggests a 5 pound

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  11. Farpoint - "U" Universal Binocular Mount Medium Parallelogram w/ Weights

    SKU: FAR-FP130

    In stock

    Fits small to medium sized binoculars in the 50mm to 100mm size range ( up to 15 lbs) After careful thought and planning, Farpoint is excited to announce a fantastic new product they call the "U" mount medium parallelogram!

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  12. Farpoint - Dri-Shield for Meade 10" SCT.

    SKU: FAR-FP555

    In stock

    Farpoint indestructible ABS front cover for Meade 10" SCT. Internal desiccant pack to dry corrector plate while stored.

  13. Orion - Universal Holder for iPad/Tablet

    SKU: ORI-52096

    In stock

    Orion's universal holder for tablet computer including the iPad.

  14. Carbon12 AstroSystems - Meade ETX, LX – RS232 Serial Cable for Sky-Fi and Starseek

    SKU: C12-ETX-SFC

    In stock

    Avoid extra cables and RS-232 plugs by using the Custom Meade ETX Series, LX-90, LXD55/75 to Sky-Fi Serial Cable. This cable is made specifically for using a Sky-Fi or Starseek Wi-Fi setup with the Meade ETX-90AT, Meade ETX-105AT, Meade ETX-125AT, LXD55/75 and LX-90 telescopes utilizing the AutoStar 497 Handset.
  15. Meade - Wireless remote temperature and humidity sensor #TS33C-M*

    SKU: MEA-TS33C-M

    In stock

    Wireless remote temperature and humidity sensor #TS33C-M. For use with Meade weather stations.

  16. Celestron - Amoeba Dual Purpose Digital Microscope (Gray)

    SKU: CEL-44326

    In stock

    This dual purpose microscope is perfect for high powered specimen slide viewing or you can quickly set Amoeba to a lower power to view stamps, currency and more.

  17. Celestron - H/C HOLDER for CPC Series Telescopes

    SKU: CEL-PS-DB-24

    In stock

    H/C HOLDER for CPC Series Telescopes.

  18. Celestron - Motor Board for CGEM DX

    SKU: CEL-NXW439

    In stock

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  19. Celestron - Motor w/Encoder (sold complete) for CGE Series Mounts

    SKU: CEL-20101

    In stock

    Motor w/Encoder (sold complete) for CGE Series Mounts

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  20. Celestron - Motor ALT/DEC for CPC Series Telescopes

    SKU: CEL-CPC-F00-9

    In stock

    Motor ALT/DEC for CPC Series Telescopes.

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