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  1. Lunt - 80mm H-Alpha Pressure Tuned Telescope - B1200 - Crayford

    SKU: LS80THA/PT/B1200C

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    The first step into intermediary solar observing, the Lunt Solar Systems LS80Tha Pressure Tuned Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope comes with a precision aligned 80mm ED doublet lens. 6 lbs
  2. Lunt - 230mm Ha Telescope w/ Internal Etalon and B3400 Blocking Filter

    SKU: LS230THa/PT/B3400/FT

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    At 230mm F/7 the Lunt Solar LS230T/PT is by far the world’s largest production Solar telescope beating out the previous record holder and now slightly smaller brother (LS152) by 80mm.

  3. Lunt - 50mm Pressure Tuned H-Alpha Telescope - B400 Blocking Filter

    SKU: LS50THA/B400PT

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    Lunt Solar Systems 50mm H-Alpha solar telescope is a compact and easy to travel with solar viewing solution with the same top-quality engineering and design as their larger h-alpha telescopes. With a 4mm blocking filter and fully pressure tuned primary 50mm h-alpha filter the Lunt 50mm is perfectly configured for solar observing.

  4. Lunt - 60mm H-Alpha Solar-Telescope with B1200 Blocking Filter and 2 Crayford Focuser

    SKU: LS60THA/B1200/C

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    This Lunt 60mm Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope has a focal length of 500mm and includes a 12mm Blocking Filter.
  5. Lunt - LS60THa 60mm H-Alpha Telescope

    SKU: LS60THA

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    The LS60/Ha (hydrogen alpha) Solar Telescope is a refractor based system which features a precision aligned singlet chromatical lens with a..
  6. Lunt PC-USB Controls your Pressure Electronically.


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    Lunt PC-USB Controls your Pressure Electronically.

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