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  1. Meade - EclipseView 114 Solar Telescope

    SKU: MEA-227001

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    The Meade EclipseView 114mm solar telescope allows very quick and easy observation of the Sun and is very portable as well as safe for both solar and nighttime observing.

  2. Meade - EclipseView 60mm Solar Telescope

    SKU: MEA-227002

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    The Meade EclipseView 60mm solar telescope is a state of the art starter package for viewing wonders of the night AND DAY skies! The removable white-light solar filter makes this a safe and fun instrument to view not the just the Moon and Planets, but the Sun as well!

  3. Meade - EclipseView 82mm Solar Telescope

    SKU: MEA-227000

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    The Meade EclipseView 82mm solar telescope serves as a quick on the go telescope to view the Sun with easy portability. It is safe for viewing both Day and Night with a removable white-light solar filter!

  4. Meade - EclipseView 10x50 Solar Binoculars with White Light Filters

    SKU: MEA-127000

    In stock

    The Meade EclipseView 10x50 Binoculars are ideal for basic observation outdoors, but with the ability for solar viewing as well with the removable white light filters! They consist of coated optics with BK7 prisms in a rubber armored body.

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