TELESCOPES.NET LIVE STREAM - Oct 10 - Visual Astronomy

Live stream starts at 12PM PT on Saturday Oct 10th 2020

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We will also be broadcasting live alongside the Explore Alliance Network to create an all day event that will span the entire globe!

This live stream focuses on Visual Astronomy and what to expect as well as outreach.

Our very own resident telescope expert, Daniel Mounsey aka Doctor D, will be joining us with a run down on all things visual.

Jon Isaac will be doing an open discussion on eyepieces and star hoping, a method used widely by many to find different objects in the skies.

Plus we also have Kevin from Focus Astronomy with Outreach and how it has changed for todays environment. Kevin has long since been at the forefront of outreach and has made changes in his process to service the community and continue to wave the flag for outreach astronomy.



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