Vibration Suppression

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  1. Celestron - VSP - Vibration Suppression Pad

    SKU: CEL-93503

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    Telescope and spotting scope vibration is caused by windy conditions, an unsteady mount or tripod or even an accidental bump to the instrument, and results in reduced image quality.

  2. Losmandy - Glowing Vibration Supression Pads - Set of 3


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    Losmandy vibration suppression pads don't just help keep your tripod steady, these large diameter feet glow in the dark! Sized to fit the Losmandy tripod feet, this extra large pad will work for just about any tripod on the market.
  3. Meade - #895 Vibration Isolation Pads

    SKU: MEA-07368

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    Meade #07368 Vibration Isolation Pads- a very easy way to further improve the damping time of your Meade telescope. These pads reduce typical vibration damping times to less than one second. Compatible with all models which have a tripod.

  4. Northern Lyte - Dark Set - Mount-n-View Tele-pads

    SKU: NLDark

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    It's good to have a spare set around for friends. This package includes three Tele-Pads without lights
  5. Northern Lyte - Single Light - Mount-n-View Tele-pads

    SKU: NLSingle

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Similar to the premium set, this configuration includes one lighted and two non-lighted Tele-Pads
  6. Northern Lyte - Trio Light - Mount-n-View Tele-pad

    SKU: NLTriple

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Premium lighted sets include one red light on each Tele-Pad and is shipped complete with batteries and replacement instructions
  7. iOptron - Vibration and Suppression Pads

    SKU: IOP-8433

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

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