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  1. Stellarvue - Riser Base for SV60 Telescopes

    SKU: STV-TP060

    Available - Typically ships in 1-3 Days

    Stellarvue riser block provides 35mm of clearance between the SV60 guidescope and either an optional dovetail or mount. Allows for greater access to the focus knob and better balance control.
  2. Stellarvue - Riser Block Set with Losmandy Sized Rail

    SKU: STV-RB002L

    Ships in 3-5 Days

  3. FLI - AD38 Tripod adapter for MicroLine w/ 63.5 or 65mm Shutter

    SKU: FLI-AD-38

    Ships in 1-2 Weeks

    The AD38 adapter by FLI fits Microline series cameras with 63.5 or 65mm shutters and adapts to a standard 1/4-20" tripod adapter. Connection Side A: Side of MicroLine camera. Connection Side B: One 1/4-20 and two M5-0.8 internal threads
  4. Stellarvue - Riser Block Set


    Ships in 3-5 Days

  5. PrimaLuceLab - PLUS Curved Blocks for C8, C9.25, C11, EdgeHD 800, 925 and 1100


    In stock

    Use the PrimaluceLab curved riser blocks to attach to your Schmidt-Cassegrain C8, C9.25 and C11 or an aplanatic Schmidt-Cassergain EdgeHD 800, 925 or 1100 telescope by Celestron and connect a Losmandy type dovetail bar for mounting.
  6. PrimaLuceLab - PLUS 20mm Spacers


    In stock

    When accessories are installed on a mount, sometimes they can be too close together. This is where the PrimaLuceLab PLUS 20mm spacers come in handy by being fixed between two mechanical elements to keep PLUS system functionality.  There are four holes, with 20mm separation to fix PLUS Vixen dovetail bars and guide rings and 55mm for PLUS Losmandy dovetail bars.

  7. Stellarvue - Riser Block Set with Vixen Rail

    SKU: STV-RB002V

    Ships in 3-5 Days

  8. Stellarvue - Tripod Extension Column M2/M2D Mount

    SKU: STV-MEC002

    Available - Typically ships in 1-3 Days

    The Stellarvue MEC002 extension column is a necessary addition to any surveyor style tripod using a 5/8-11 typical bolt, for use with the M2 and M2D mounts.
  9. Losmandy - 6" Riser for AZ8 Mount


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Losmandy 6" Riser for AZ8 Mount

  10. Losmandy - Meade Tripod/Pier Adapter for GM-8 & G-11


    In stock

    FHD / Meade field tripod adapter 6.0" diameter, 4.0" high. Inside machined to fit G-11 and GM 8 mounts. Tube has 1/2" thick bottom with 1/2" hole in center, posts for the electronics are mounted on the side. Also used on top of permanent piers.

  11. Explore Scientific - Accessory Pier Extention for Twilight II Mount

    SKU: EXP-TPE00100

    In stock

    TPE001-00 is an extension that brings the mount 9" up from its tripod. This is really necessary for longer refractors (152mm, 127mm and maybe 102mm) but unneeded for the Comet Hunter or 80ED

11 Item(s)
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