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  1. iOptron - Go2Nova Hand Controller 8408

    SKU: IOP-8408

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Hand controller for the iOptron ZEQ25 series and SmartEQ/SmartEQ Pro mount series.

  2. Orion - SynScan Computerized GoTo Hand Controller

    SKU: ORI-07947

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    This Computerized GoTo Hand Controller features an extensive database of over 42,000 interesting celestial objects to explore with the ease and luxury of GoTo location and pointing.

  3. iOptron - GoToNova Hand Controller for SmartStar Series

    SKU: IOP-8405

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The hand controller for iOptron Cube mount. Also works for the CubePro and MiniTower mount.

  4. RoboFocus - Full RF3 System


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The Mandel Adapter allows the attachment of a 35mm or digital SLR camera directly to the telescope focuser providing a "wide angle" imaging option.

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  5. Meade - AutoStar II Hand Controller Holder

    SKU: MEA-07580

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    This Meade AutoStar II Hand Controller Bracket is a holder for the Meade AutoStar II Hand Controller that clamps on to the form arm or tripod of your telescope.

  6. Shannon Telescopics - Handbox Controller Holder

    SKU: ST-005

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    Black Powder Coated plate allows you to have a convenient place to mount your controller eliminating the agrivating "slide" off the table. Mounts anywhere using velcro strips. Works with all Meade controllers.

  7. SkyWire Serial Accessory


    In stock

    Southern Stars now offers two different telescope-control solutions for your Apple mobile device: SkyFi and SkyWire. SkyWire is the simplest way to turn your iPhone into a 21st-century telescope controller
  8. Meade - AudioStar Contoller

    SKU: MEA-07640

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The AudioStar computer controller with speaker helps you quickly find and GoTo over 30,000 objects in the night sky. View planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae, comets and more-all at the push of a button
  9. RoboFocus - Hand Paddle


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The RF3 Hand Paddle allows manual focusing via a small hand controller on a 12 foot cable. The "in/out" buttons move the stepper motor to achieve visual focus. These buttons are duplicates of the ones on the RoboFocus controller box.

  10. RoboFocus - RF3 Controller


    Ships in 3-5 Days

    The RoboFocus control module can be purchased separately as a backup unit or to combine with an additional motor kit that was previously obtained.

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  11. Celestron - Flashable Hand Controller (SLT and LCM)

    SKU: CEL-93996

    Ships in 3-5 Days

    This flashable Celestron NexStar hand control is compatible with NexStar SLT and LCM series computerized telescopes.

  12. Astrovid - StellaCam 3 Wireless Camera Controller External Antenna


    This item typically has a delivery time of 8-12 weeks. Place your order today to reserve.

    The StellaCam Wireless Controller consists of two components: a transmitter handbox unit and a receiver unit. The receiver unit plugs into the R/C control input of your camera.

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  13. Celestron - NexStar Hand Control USB for EQ Mounts

    SKU: CEL-93982

    In stock

  14. Celestron - NexStar Hand Control USB for AZ Mounts

    SKU: CEL-93981

    In stock

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