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  1. Takahashi - Reticle Illuminator for Takahashi 7 X 50 & 11 X 50 Finderscopes

    SKU: TAK-TKA00554

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    Takahashi TRI0001 Red LED Illuminator was design for Takahashi 7X50 and 11X50 Finder Scopes as well as Takahashi 5mm illuminated reticule guiding eyepieces.Cordless Red LED light source powered by two LR44/SR44/MR44 camera batteries (supplied)

  2. Explore Scientific - Finder Scope Illuminator Only


    In stock

    Spare red LED illuminator for Explore Scientific 50mm reticle finder scope.

  3. Losmandy - Polar Scope Illuminator with Battery


    Estimated shipping time is 3-5 Days

    Our completely redesigned PSI will illuminate the alignment reticle of the PS polar scope with five different intensities in both constant and flashing modes.

  4. Rigel Systems - PulseGuide Illuminator


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    Do you experience eye fatigue when doing long timed astrophotography exposures? Is guiding becoming a real headache? Then consider the clever and inexpensive Rigel PulsGuide.

  5. Stellarvue - Illuminator for Reticle Eyepieces

    SKU: STV-EI002

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    Use this Stellarvue illuminator to make the crosshair reticle in your finderscope eyepiece more visible at night. This illuminator will screw into any reticle eyepiece to provide you with a variable brightness red illumination on your crosshair. Vary the brightness to suit your preference. Knurled aluminum brightness knob and batteries included. Uses two standard GPA76 batteries.
  6. Orion - 20mm Illuminated Centering Eyepiece

    SKU: ORI-08239

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    You'll never be left in the dark with the Orion 20mm Illuminated Centering Eyepiece (ICE).

  7. Telrad - Telrad Light Pulsar Unit

    SKU: TRD-2010

    Estimated shipping time is 3-5 Days

    To see objects through a telescope it must be pointed to exactly the right spot. The Telrad is sight for pointing telescopes to that ″right spot″.Through a Telrad you see the sky the way the star charts show it
7 Item(s)
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