Dew Heater Controllers

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  1. TO - Digital Dew Heater Control Unit


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    FOUR CHANNEL:Each heater output is controlled independently and has a full range of adjustment from 0-100%. This eliminates the problem of overheating or not reaching desired temperature regardless of heater size and combination

  2. Astrozap - Dew Controller

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    This Astrozap Dew Controller can be used in conjuction with the Flexi-Heat Dew Shields and Heat Bands (also made by Astrozap), but can also work with other dew protection products from other manufacturers because of the RCA output connectors.

  3. Kendrick - Standard Dual Channel Controller

    SKU: KEN-2001-SDCC

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    The new Kendrick Standard Dual Controller replaces the Model VI Controller and incorporates tons of updated features while maintaining an easy to use system with more efficient power use.

3 Item(s)
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