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  1. Astrovid - Peltier Cooled Thermal Management System For StellaCam II, StellaCam3, & WAT120N Upgrade - DISCONTINUED


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    The Astrovid Monochrome CCD Video Camera is discontinued. We recommend the ATIK Infinity Camera series as a replacement. If you have more questions, please call us at 818-347-2270 to speak to our staff.

    Regulated CCD CoolingA significant advantage provided by the upgrade is precise regulation of the CCD sensor™s temperature
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  2. Meade - Deep Sky Imager Fan Accessory

    SKU: MEA-04531

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    The Meade Deep Sky Imager Cooling Fan features:* A whisper quiet fan that snaps on the back of most Meade Deep Sky Imager cameras.* Nine bladed fan is able to lower the operating temperature of the camera up to nine degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Orion - Cooling Accelerator Fan for Large Reflectors

    SKU: ORI-07816

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    Speeds Cool-Down of Large Reflector MirrorsSpeed up the cooling of your big reflectors optics to ambient temperature with this small, quiet fan
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