Lens Cleaning

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  1. Nikon - Optics Maintenance Kit

    SKU: NI-7073

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    Clean your lenses with many of your Nikon products!

  2. Giottos - Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal Tool - Large, Black

    SKU: GI-AA1900

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    • The handy, large Giottos Rocket Blaster provides clean and safe air cleaning for sensitive surfaces and hard to reach areas.
    • One way valve ensures air is clean and no dust is redistributed.
    • Removeable nozzle for cleaning.
    • Smart rocket fin design allows the blower to stand upright on a flat surface keeping it clean and within reach.
  3. Swarovski - CSB Cleaning Set Basic

    SKU: SW-60404

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    Preserve the sharp, bright image you enjoy with Swarovski binoculars with this CSB Basic Binocular Cleaning Set. Packed in a soft-sided carry case, the set makes it easy to do a quick cleaning with the cleaning brush and a moist wipe, or a more thorough job with the brush, bottled lens cleaner, and microfiber cloth.

  4. Swarovski - CS Cleaning Set with Bag

    SKU: SW-60400

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    The Cleaning Kit from Swarovski includes everything needed to keep any optic clean; a bottle of lens cleaner, a cleaning brush, one microfiber cloth, 10 sealed moist wipes in foil pouches, printed instructions and a soft bag with a belt loop to carry them all.

  5. Celestron - Lens Cleaning Kit

    SKU: CEL-93576

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    Wipe away dust, dirt, fingerprints and other particles on your lenses to see clearly with the Celestron Lens Cleaning Kit. This cleaning kit works on all glass and optical surfaces, including telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, monoculars, microscopes, and even your camera lenses, computer screens, and mobile devices. The kit comes complete with a retractable lens brush to remove dust particles and dirt and two options to clean smudges and fingerprints off of your optics, pre-moistened lens wipes and a bottled lens cleaning fluid with soft cloth.

5 Item(s)
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