RSpec - Real Time Spectroscopy Software

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Easy to use RSpec real time spectroscopy analysis software will convert raw images of star and planet spectra to a calibrated spectrum graph in just a few clicks! No more waiting to find out whether you captured the spectra you were hoping for. This is a software download. Once your order has been processed you will receive a download link from the software designer directly. Compatible with Windows XP and higher. 

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Product Description

RSpec - Real Time Spectroscopy Software

RSpec software is a real time spectroscopy softeware that allows you to quickly and simply convert FITS, DSLR or video images to a calibrated spectrum graph.  No waiting to find out whether you captured the spectra you want, you'll be able to see and read your results instantly on your laptop or computer.  The process of capturing these spectra is also easy and inexpensive.  Simply use the camera and telescope or a DSLR and lens of your choice, and a Shelyak Star Analyzer grating or Rainbow Optics Star Spectrascope.  RSpec software also eliminates time consuming post processing and high learning curves of traditional spectra analysis software.  Go from a raw image to a calibrated profile in a few clicks - it couldn't be easier!  

RSpec is compatible with Windows XP and higher.  This product is a download only.  A license key wlll be emailed to you once your order is processed. 

Use this handy calculator to find which grating and adapter you will need: 



What are spectra and what is spectroscopy? 

Stars leave fingerprints, in the form of rainbows of light or spectra. These spectra seen by breaking down the individual wavelengths of light emitted by a star, and these unique and individual rainbows can tell us a wealth of information about a star including it's temperature, movement, and composition.  For many decades this kind of study was reserved for professionals with access to costly equipment.   Since Shelyak introduced their Star Analyzers for just a couple hundred dollars you too can study the stars in a scientific and analytical way and RSpec software provides an easy, real-time way to quickly digest the information presented in each star's spectra. 

What can you learn through spectroscopy? Learn to read the composition of stars, the atmospheres of gaseous planets, the red-shift of a distant quasar, or see the blue-shell of an ever expanding supernova.  Spectroscopy is a great teaching tool and new territory for many practiced amateur astronomers breathing new life into observational  astronomy.  

RSpec Software Features 

Data Capture: RSpec accepts three input sources:

1. Live video from your webcam or video camera (DirectX)

2. Video recordings (“avi” files)

3. Still images automatically or manually loaded as your camera saves them (BMP, JPG, TIF, RAW DSLR, FITS)

Simple Rotation: RSpec’s “Live Rotate” feature lets you capture your image at any angle and then display and process it horizontally. As you roll your mouse – the image rotates – real time!

Image Averaging: RSpec can average frames as they come from your camera or video file, dramatically increasing image quality and stability. Spectral features you never dreamed you could see real-time pop into view!

Background Subtraction: Enhance your spectra and see more details with RSpec’s background subtraction feature. With one click, RSpec will subtract rows that are adjacent to your spectrum, greatly reducing sky glow and camera glow.

Calibration: Converting from pixels to Angstroms used to be painful. Use the reference files that come with RSpec to calibrate your spectrum in just four clicks!

Focusing Tool: Because a spectrum looks like a blurry smear, it’s almost impossible to use it to focus. However, the zero-order star image is sharp enough to see the results of small focus changes. So, most amateur astronomers use the zero-order star image for focusing. But, unfortunately, when the star is in focus, the spectrum is not! A spectrum requires a different focus setting than the star. (link) You’ll get the best profiles possible by using RSpec’s Focusing Tool to focus on a feature in the spectrum profile graph itself rather than the zero-order star.

Importing and Exporting: RSpec can read and write your profiles to raw .dat files for use in other programs, including VSpec and Microsoft Excel.  You can also export profile images to the clipboard, or BMP/JPG image files.

Multi-Core Processor Support: The first time you run RSpec, you’ll be surprised at how much it can do while a video of your spectrum is playing: it rotates the image, displays it on a monitor, adjusts contrast (histogram), subtracts background glow, calculates the profile, then displays the fully interactive profile graph. On a fairly modern computer, the program does all this and remains responsive to input as you zoom, pan, customize, and even view additional graphs like the focusing tool.

How does the program do so much? Well, RSpec was designed from the ground up to use all of the cores on your CPU. RSpec uses a set of advanced, state-of-the-art libraries for all of the intense calculations necessary in video spectrography. The program detects the type of processor you have and selects the optimal way to use the multiple cores that may be available. Intel processors work best.) This parallel processing by RSpec means that rather than loafing lazily along on one core (like it does when you’re word processing or reading email) your CPU gets a kick in the butt to “Wake Up, Get Moving, Use All Your Cores!” The result is that you have a program that is startling in its ability to go from raw data to finished profile in real-time.

Presentation: Use RSpec’s powerful Appearance tools to customize your profile graph’s colors, lines, layout or to add labels and call-outs.

Languages: You can customize RSpec for use in any language. The program comes with several different language files (including French, German, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Czech, and Italian), with more being added regularly.

Videos: RSpec comes with more than an hour of short 3-minute video tutorials that show you step-by-step how to use the software.

Support: Get support from other users on the RSpec forum.

RSpec runs on Windows XP and up.


Hour Long Workshop Video:


How to capture the spectra of stars from your backyard


Name RSpec - Real Time Spectroscopy Software
Manufacturer RSpec


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