Prism Software V10 Advanced

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Product Description

Prism Software V10 Advanced

This version includes all the features available in the Lite and Professional variants, it by far the most complete package available on the market today.

The Basic version of Prism is a great way for new users to take their imaging to the next level. It provides a detailed Sky Chart to both plan observations and control the telescope position.

It features the ability to use both CCD and Canon DSLR cameras as well as an Autoguider. There is a built-in auto focus capability for pinpoint stars and plate solving is also included.

Calibrate and enhance your images using a wide range of image stacking and processing features.

Why Choose Prism?

One Stop Shop

Prism runs alone and requires no external software to interact with it to operate flawlessly. There is no need for autofocus, guiding, plate solving, ... it is completely autonomous.

Easy setup and operation

You can setup your imaging setup with Prism very easily and quickly. some of the most useful tools include:

  • Polar alignment: The king drift method is extremely accurate and easy to use
  • Focal length retrieval: your scope's focal length can be easily found using plate solving
  • Hardware profiles
  • Easy to view/control equipment tabs


Prism can control your entire imaging hardware night after night. With a fully featured automatic observation tool you can:

  • Operate your supported power strip to turn on individual receptacles ( IP camera, mount, cameras, focuser, etc..).
  • Automatic startup and shutdown
  • Automatic sky flats (Dusk and Dawn)
  • Autofocusing with advanced star magnitude retrieval
  • Plate solving: local and blind ( as a failover)
  • Advanced target selection algorithm where western targets are imaged first
  • Dome/ Roll off roof operation
  • Shutdown through cloud detection
  • Error management
  • Automatic meridian flips
  • Smart cooling and warming: stairwell temperature operation for maximum CCD/CMOS protection
  • FTP file drop-off at the end of the session, especially useful for remote sites
  • Email function to be notified of session success or possible errors

Scientific Analysis

Some of the advanced features are:

  • Auto prescan subtraction
  • CCD tools: Linearity, transfer efficiency, readout noise, dark current, Quantun efficiency, pixel to pixel correlation (Crosstalk), and more
  • Turbulence image optimization
  • Centroid calculation to 1/100th of a pixel
  • Optical quality checks: Four corner image reduction, tip/tilt measurements
  • Astrometry
  • Photometry: batch processing of file to identify moving objects (comets, asteroids) or fixed objects (exoplanet transits, variable stars)
  • Spectrography
  • Atmosphering seeing calculations

Complete skychart

One of the best skycharts is included, you can view extensive information gathered from the CDS servers. It comes loaded by default with the Bright Star Catalog and the General Star Catalog-ACT but you can download further catalogs online like the USNO-SA2 and UCAC4.

Prism v10 is the one of the few software packages to offer amateur astronomers the possibility of accessing astrometric data directly from the GAIA catalog, the highest resolution catalog of the milky way available to date.


Name Prism Software V10 Advanced
Manufacturer Prism


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