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  1. Celestron - Sky Map

    SKU: CEL-93722

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    Celestron Sky Maps are the ideal teaching guide for learning the night sky. You wouldn't set off on a road trip without a road map, and you don't need to try to navigate the night sky without a map either

  2. Celestron - Peterson First Guides - Astronomy

    SKU: CEL-93728

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    A simplified field guide to the stars, planets and the universe. A great road map for those starting out in astronomy
  3. iOptron - LiveStar Mini Planetarium

    SKU: IOP-9200

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    With the LiveStar™ Mini Planetarium from iOptron you and your family can experience the excitement of going to a planetarium right from inside your own home!

  4. Bookstore - Astronomy Library Guide to the Stars 11" Planisphere - Southern Hemisphere

    SKU: BOOK-9781928771111

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    The 11-inch diameter plastic star chart is for use in the SOUTHERN hemisphere (latitudes 30° to 60° South).

  5. Bookstore - Sky & Telescope Field Map of the Moon

    SKU: BOOK-9781931559225

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Here's the only Moon reference you'll ever need at the telescope!

5 Item(s)
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