SBIG - OAG-8300

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Manufactured by:
Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)

Product Description

SBIG-OAG-8300 is a seven element optical system.

Relay Lenses move the optical system to the side.

Results in low profile.

.7 Focal Reducer will give you a greater field of view for better selection of a guiding star.

Great image quality , all the way to f/3.5

Compatable with ST-8300 as well as STF-8300

The new Low Profile Off-Axis Guider is designed with a 7-element relay lens system that places the position of the guide camera to the side of the main camera and filter wheel.  This allows a minimum impact on overall backfocus.  The same lens system also acts as a 0.7X focal reducer that doubles the field of view of the guide camera compared to a typical off-axis system.  The OAG adds only ¾ in. (19mm) backfocus to the camera and filter wheel.  The guide camera can also be rotated in 90 degree increments about the OAG to orient the guide camera and cables in a convenient 
The OAG can be used on both mono can color cameras (with appropriate adapter) and is 100% backward compatible with all ST-8300 cameras.



Name SBIG - OAG-8300
Manufacturer Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG)
Model SBI-OAG-8300


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