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  1. Explore Scientific - Accessory Pier Extention for Twilight II Mount

    SKU: EXP-TPE00100

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    TPE001-00 is an extension that brings the mount 9" up from its tripod. This is really necessary for longer refractors (152mm, 127mm and maybe 102mm) but unneeded for the Comet Hunter or 80ED

  2. Explore Scientific - 8x50 illuminated Correct Image Finder Scope with Bracket (Base Sold Separately)

    SKU: EXP-VFEI0850-01

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    The illuminated reticle of the 8x50 Viewfinder with its scale markings and open center not only helps you center objects precisely, but gives a reference of the exact field of view in degrees. The deep red illumination is continuously variable to provide the desired brightness.

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  3. Explore Scientific - Hard Case for ED80 and EDT80

    SKU: EXP-CC080-01

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    Hard carry case for the Explore Scientific ED80 Essential Series telescopes and the EDT80 Carbon Fiber triplet. Custom cut foam included. Weighs 11 pounds.
  4. Explore Scientific - Dobsonian Counterweight


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    The Explore Scientific Dobsonian Counterweight system includes a 14mm shaft and two 2.5lb. counterweights in a bright yellow finish to complement the accents on the Explore Scientific Dobs. Provides balance for telescopes using heavier eyepieces or accessories like binoviewers. Compatible with all Explore Scientific Dobsonian telescopes. LIFETIME WARRANTY
4 Item(s)
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While many telescopes include some accessories to help you get out and observing right away, imaging systems in particular are often in need of additional accessories to help make the imaging or observing experience more enjoyable or to expand your telescope, mount or camera's abilities. Here you'll find telescope Wifi adapters and GPS modules, dovetail and saddle plates, tube rings and mount adapters, collimation tools, replacement knobs and brackets, finders and flashlights along with polar alignment tools, camera adapters, reducers, flatteners, filters and filter wheels.