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  1. TeleVue - 2" Tunable Top with 1.25" Adapter

    SKU: TEL-ATT-2125

    Estimated shipping time is 3-5 Days

    Serving as an intermediate accessory between the TeleVue 2" Paracorr and VISA adapter to allow visual use of the BIG Paracorr Type-2 Focuser Accessory.

  2. DayStar Filters - Q3RFCTM Rear, Red Side Plate


    In stock

    Q3RFCTM REAR, RED Side Plate Fits Quantums. Has Combo choice w/ Male and Female threads.

  3. PrimaLuceLab - Guide Rings PLUS 115mm


    In stock

    To install a guide telescope parallel to the main optical tube, the guide rings help with this. The PrimaLuceLab Guide Rings PLUS 115mm offer high quality materials allowing installation of guide telescopes such as 80mm refractors.

  4. TeleVue - Visual/Imaging System Adapter (VISA) for BIG Paracorr Type-2

    SKU: TEL-AVI-3200

    Estimated shipping time is 3-5 Days

    The TeleVue photo/visual adapter for the BIG Paracorr Type-2 Focuser accessory. With the addition of the VISA adapter, the tunable top can now be used and allows the BIG Paracorr to be used with the TeleVue Imaging system accesories to be used in CCD/DSLR astrophotography.

  5. Orion - 1.25" Enhanced Mirror Star Telescope Diagonal

    SKU: ORI-08879

    In stock

    Don't put a standard-issue diagonal into a high-quality refractor or Cassegrain telescope or you'll be losing 10% or more of the light collected by the telescope's optics.

  6. Celestron - StarPointer Pro Finderscope - 51635

    SKU: CEL-51635

    In stock

    • The Celestron StarPointer Pro is a premium finderscope allows you to precisely zero in on your target
    • Projects a dual-circle reticle, not a red dot that can obscure your subject
    • Larger 40 mm optical window offers a wider field of view so you can acquire targets quickly and easily
    • Brighter LED for easy visibility during the day
    • Easy dovetail connection; no tools required
  7. TeleVue - FoneMate Smart Phone to EP Adapter

    SKU: TEL-SFA-0001

    In stock

    TeleVue's FoneMate smart phone adapter is a convenient way to enter the world of Digiscoping. FoneMate™ can connect any of our DIOPTRX™ compatible eyepiece to phones from about (width x height): 60- x 114-mm (2-5/16" x 4-½") to 120- x 212-mm (4-¾; " x 8-5/16") in size.

  8. PrimaLuceLab - 60mm CompactGuide Scope


    In stock

    The PrimaLuceLab 60mm CompactGuide scope serves as both a finder and guide scope!

  9. PrimaLuceLab - 145mm PLUS Support Rings


    In stock

    The 145mm PLUS support rings are designed for AIRY APO130T apochromatic telescope (or different telescopes brands with tubes around 145mm in diameter) to extend the potential. Therefore, for instance, you can install both above and beneath the optical tube the PLUS plates or even guide rings.

  10. PrimaLuceLab - Losmandy Plate 240mm PLUS


    More on the way

    The Losmandy plate 240mm PLUS is designed for installing telescopes on mounts. This plate is 240mm long and is useful for installing compact telescopes (as refractors up to 130mm and reflectors up to 200mm in diameter) on mounts with Losmandy plate (as the SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6, or EQ8).

  11. Takahashi - FS-60 Q Tube Holder

    SKU: TAK-TKA20420Q

    Estimated shipping time is 3-5 Days

    This Takahashi Tube Holder is designed to support the FS-60 Q. Constructed with a traditional Takahashi pebble finish coat with a felt inner lining.

  12. DayStar Filters - RF1D1 Rear, Red Side 1.25" Drawtube Snout

    SKU: DAY-RF1D1

    In stock

    1.25" drawtube for use with eyepieces or webcams, fits with T-Scanner rear plate or Q3RFC1M.

  13. PrimaLuceLab - Vixen and Losmandy Dovetail PLUS Plates

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    Like all the elements of the PLUS system, this plate is made with high precision mechanics (built with CNC machines from aluminum block) and specially designed to enable you to easily install other mechanical components such as support rings, guide rings or dovetail clamps.
  14. Willmann-Bell - Annals of the Deep Sky: A Survey of Galactic and Extragalactic Objects - Volume 2

    SKU: ADS02

    In stock

    Annals of the Deep Sky: A Survey of Galactic and Extragalactic Objects - Volume 2 is a 344 page detailed guide to the night sky. Volume 2 covers Aquila, Ara, Aries, Auriga, Boötes, Caelum plus a 72-page Essential Terminology Glossary. With 6” by 9” pages, and 244 illustrations in a softbound cover, Annals of the Deep Sky is a must have book for the astronomer in delivers information in an easy to digest way.
  15. PrimaLuceLab - OnAxisLock 50.8mm Eyepiece Holder for 2.7" Hybrid-Drive Focusers

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    Clearance sale!
    SKU: PRI-OAL508HD27

    In stock

    OnAxisLock 50.8mm eyepiece holder for 2,7" Hybrid-Drive focusers replaces the typical eyepiece holder in AIRY ED100 and APO120 apochromatic refractors focuser and lets you take advantage and use all the 50.8mm diameter accessories.

    Clearance sale!
  16. PrimaLuceLab - 95mm PLUS Support Rings


    In stock

    The support rings PLUS 95mm can be used with different brands telescopes with tube approximately 95mm in diameter. With this rings you can install both above and below the optical tube our PLUS plates or even guide rings. Compatible with telescopes by various brands, such as: Takahashi FSQ85, Takahashi FS-78, Takahashi FC-100DF and DL.

  17. PrimaLuceLab - Vixen Plate 240mm PLUS


    In stock

    The Vixen plate 240mm PLUS is intended for installing telescopes on mounts. This plate is 240mm long and is useful for installing medium dimensions telescopes (as refractors up to 130mm  or reflectors  up to 200mm in diameter) on mounts with Vixen plate (as the SkyWatcher EQ5, HEQ5 or EQ6).

  18. Celestron - PowerTank Lithium Power Supply - 18771

    SKU: CEL-18771

    In stock

    • The Celestron PowerTank Lithium rechargeable battery uses LiFePO4 battery chemistry for an environmentally friendly design that outlasts and outperforms traditional Lithium-Ion or lead acid batteries.
    • An uncharged shelf life of 10 years, 2000 charge cycles, in a compact, rugged and water-resistant design that makes it a perfect power supply at a star party or while camping.
    • Built-in white and red LED light allows you to use the Celestron PowerTank Lithium as a lantern too.
  19. Televue - 49mm Radian Adapter

    SKU: TEL-DRA-0049

    In stock

    The Televue 49mm Radian Adapter allows you to take pictures through telescope eyepieces. These are specially designed for Radian eyepieces.

  20. PrimaLuceLab - Book "Radioastronomy: Introduction to Invisible Sky"


    This Item Will Be Available in 4-6 Weeks

    Are you interested in radio astronomy? Do radio telescopes fascinate you? This simple book will allow you to discover the amazing world of the Universe that our eyes cannot see but that we can study with radio techniques.

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While many telescopes include some accessories to help you get out and observing right away, imaging systems in particular are often in need of additional accessories to help make the imaging or observing experience more enjoyable or to expand your telescope, mount or camera's abilities. Here you'll find telescope Wifi adapters and GPS modules, dovetail and saddle plates, tube rings and mount adapters, collimation tools, replacement knobs and brackets, finders and flashlights along with polar alignment tools, camera adapters, reducers, flatteners, filters and filter wheels.