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  1. TeleVue - 2" Tunable Top with 1.25" Adapter

    SKU: TEL-ATT-2125

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    Serving as an intermediate accessory between the TeleVue 2" Paracorr and VISA adapter to allow visual use of the BIG Paracorr Type-2 Focuser Accessory.

  2. DayStar Filters - Q3RFCTM Rear, Red Side Plate


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    Q3RFCTM REAR, RED Side Plate Fits Quantums. Has Combo choice w/ Male and Female threads.

  3. TeleVue - Visual/Imaging System Adapter (VISA) for BIG Paracorr Type-2

    SKU: TEL-AVI-3200

    Estimated shipping time is 3-5 Days

    The TeleVue photo/visual adapter for the BIG Paracorr Type-2 Focuser accessory. With the addition of the VISA adapter, the tunable top can now be used and allows the BIG Paracorr to be used with the TeleVue Imaging system accesories to be used in CCD/DSLR astrophotography.

  4. DayStar Filters - RF1D1 Rear, Red Side 1.25" Drawtube Snout

    SKU: DAY-RF1D1

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    1.25" drawtube for use with eyepieces or webcams, fits with T-Scanner rear plate or Q3RFC1M.

  5. Celestron - PowerTank Lithium Power Supply - 18771

    SKU: CEL-18771

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    • The Celestron PowerTank Lithium rechargeable battery uses LiFePO4 battery chemistry for an environmentally friendly design that outlasts and outperforms traditional Lithium-Ion or lead acid batteries.
    • An uncharged shelf life of 10 years, 2000 charge cycles, in a compact, rugged and water-resistant design that makes it a perfect power supply at a star party or while camping.
    • Built-in white and red LED light allows you to use the Celestron PowerTank Lithium as a lantern too.
5 Item(s)
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While many telescopes include some accessories to help you get out and observing right away, imaging systems in particular are often in need of additional accessories to help make the imaging or observing experience more enjoyable or to expand your telescope, mount or camera's abilities. Here you'll find telescope Wifi adapters and GPS modules, dovetail and saddle plates, tube rings and mount adapters, collimation tools, replacement knobs and brackets, finders and flashlights along with polar alignment tools, camera adapters, reducers, flatteners, filters and filter wheels.