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  1. ZWO - T2 to T2 11mm Extension Adapter Ring

    SKU: ZWO-T2-T2-11

    In stock

    The ZWO T2-T2-11 is a black anodized metal female to female 11mm T-thread (M42 x 0.75) spacer. This is the same 11mm spacer that is included with all the ASI1600 series camera and can be purchased as a replacement or for additional focus extension.
  2. Farpoint - Bahtinov Focus Mask for Celestron 6" SCT

    SKU: FAR-FP409

    Estimated shipping time is 3-5 Days

    Bahtinov focus mask for Celestron 6" SCT.

    Due to the precision edges and easy to read platform, the Farpoint Bahtinov masks are highly superior.

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  3. Farpoint - Carey Focus Mask - 8.5" - 10.5" Diameter Telescopes

    SKU: FAR-FP425

    In stock

    Farpoint Carey focus mask for large telescopes. Fits telescopes with dew shield or tube from 8.5" to 10.5" in diameter.

  4. PrimaLuceLab - Book "Radioastronomy: Introduction to Invisible Sky"


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    Are you interested in radio astronomy? Do radio telescopes fascinate you? This simple book will allow you to discover the amazing world of the Universe that our eyes cannot see but that we can study with radio techniques.

  5. Orion - IntelliScope Computerized Object Locator

    SKU: ORI-07880

    In stock

    Give your IntelliScope Dobsonian telescope a brain! Simply plug the Computerized Object Locator into the base of any SkyQuest IntelliScope Dobsonian telescope and you're all set to locate and view any of 14,000 celestial objects in seconds.

  6. Televue - 49mm Radian Adapter

    SKU: TEL-DRA-0049

    In stock

    The Televue 49mm Radian Adapter allows you to take pictures through telescope eyepieces. These are specially designed for Radian eyepieces.

  7. ZWO - 60mm f/4.6 Guidescope Kit

    SKU: ZWO-60280

    More on the way

    The ZWO 60mm f/4.6 Guidescope Kit is everything you need for guiding long exposures in an affordable, compact and lightweight package. The ZWO Guidescope features fully multi-coated optics and a solid CNC machined aluminum tube for lasting performance. The included rings have six alignment screws so your guidescope can be perfectly aligned to your main telescope or mount. The Vixen dovetail has 5 1/4-20 mounting holes for flexibility. A rotatable 1.25" helical focuser with 30mm of focus travel is compatible with all ZWO cameras and DSLR's with the addition of a proper adapter. Weighs just 1.2 pounds. Includes guide rings and Vixen dovetail.
  8. Farpoint - Carey Focus Mask - 5.5" - 8.5" Diameters

    SKU: FAR-FP423

    Estimated shipping time is 3-5 Days

    This Carey Focus Mask from Farpoint is designed to fit any telescope with an outer diameter of 5.5 to 8.5 inches. Carey Focus masks provide high precision focus adjustments with a distinct X pattern.

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  9. Celestron - RSR Binocular Tripod Adapter - Heavy Duty - 82030

    SKU: CEL-82030

    More on the way

    • The Celestron universal ¼”-20 tripod mount is ideal for large objective binoculars like the Celestron Echelon, SkyMaster, Cavalry, and Cometron models
    • Compatible with any standard tripod head or tripod mounting plate
    • No tool setup for tripod adapter or reflex sight rail
    • Tripod adapter and reflex sight rail attach quickly and easily to both the tripod and the binocular
    • Offers a secure platform for mounting a reflex sight such as the StarPointer Pro or StarPointer Finderscope
  10. SKB - iSeries 4213-12 Waterproof Case (with layered foam)

    SKU: SKB-3I-4213-12BL

    Estimated shipping time is 3-5 Days

    Available in well over 40 configurations, the 3I Series of waterproof cases are the perfect solution for storing and transporting your delicate electronics, A/V equipment, microphones, mixers, cables, computers or percussion and music accessories.

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  11. QHYCCD - Polemaster Electric Polar Scope


    More on the way

    PoleMaster by QHYCCD - a high precision, easy to use electric polar scope. By using a simple design and small camera and specialized brackets, the Polemaster allows your mount to "see" where it is pointed. This wide field polar scope features smart and easy to use software that calculates your position quickly and accurately.

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  12. Astro Devices - Stellarvue M2 DSC Shelf for Nexus DSC

    SKU: ASD-ACC020-2

    More on the way

  13. PrimaLuceLab - Vixen and Losmandy Dovetail PLUS Plates

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    Like all the elements of the PLUS system, this plate is made with high precision mechanics (built with CNC machines from aluminum block) and specially designed to enable you to easily install other mechanical components such as support rings, guide rings or dovetail clamps.
  14. Farpoint - Carey Focus Mask - 2.5" - 4.5" Diameters

    SKU: FAR-FP421

    In stock

    Farpoint Carey focus mask for small telescopes. Fits telescopes with dew shield or tube from 2.5" to 4.5" in diameter.

  15. Farpoint - Carey Focus Mask - Meade 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope

    SKU: FAR-FP432

    Estimated shipping time is 3-5 Days

    Farpoint Carey focus mask for Meade 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. Carey masks provide high precision focusing with a distinct X pattern.

    Out of stock

  16. Willmann-Bell - Annals of the Deep Sky: A Survey of Galactic and Extragalactic Objects - Volume 1

    SKU: ADS01

    In stock

    Annals of the Deep Sky Volume 1 is a 358 page guide to the night sky. With 6” by 9” pages, 158 illustrations in a softbound cover. Volume 1 covers Andromeda, Antlia, Apus, and Aquarius plus Introductions to Basic Astronomy and Astrophysics.
  17. Orion - Narrow-to-Wide Dovetail Adapter Plate

    SKU: ORI-07952

    More on the way

    This handy adapter plate will let you attach a wider variety of telescopes, or tube ring systems that use wide male mounting bars, to an Orion mount.

  18. ZWO - EFW8 8 Position Filter Wheel for 1.25" Filters

    SKU: ZWO-EFW-8x1.25

    In stock

    • This ZWO 8 position electronic filter wheel, recommended for use with the ASI1600.
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  19. ZWO - Nikon-T2 Adapter Suitable for all ASI Cameras


    More on the way

    Nikon-T2 adapter has two parts(Nikon-T2 adapter and T2-extender), suitable for all ASI cameras

  20. Farpoint - Carey Focus Mask - 6.5" - 9.5" Diameters

    SKU: FAR-FP424

    In stock

    Farpoint Carey focus mask for large telescopes. Fits telescopes with dew shield or tube from 6.5" to 9.5" in diameter.

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While many telescopes include some accessories to help you get out and observing right away, imaging systems in particular are often in need of additional accessories to help make the imaging or observing experience more enjoyable or to expand your telescope, mount or camera's abilities. Here you'll find telescope Wifi adapters and GPS modules, dovetail and saddle plates, tube rings and mount adapters, collimation tools, replacement knobs and brackets, finders and flashlights along with polar alignment tools, camera adapters, reducers, flatteners, filters and filter wheels.