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Stelvision - 365 Sky Map (for use between latitudes 30ºN to 45ºN)


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Availability: Available - Ships in 2-4 Days


Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

Manufactured by: Stelvision


Stelvision 365


The Stelvision 365 sky map will delight those who enjoy the simplicity of stargazing without a computer or tablet at hand. With its help, you can easily spot stars at any hour of the night, any day of the year. The genius lies in the rotating map: a card turns behind a calibrated cover that represents the horizon. This will simulate your view of the night sky based on the date and time you specify.

A 4-page booklet with sections for the planets and deep sky, our sky map also serves as a great guidebook for blossoming astronomers.







Just adapted for the US and many other countries!


This product was designed in France, birthplace of the famous astronomer Charles Messier and home to a large community of amateur astronomers.

Since its release in May 2011, it's a huge success: more than 12,000 copies have been sold online, in specialty stores, and at tourist attractions (observatories, theme parks, etc.) across France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Canada.

An English language issue is now available and designed to have the best accuracy between 30°N and 45°N: Continental USA, Mediterranean area, much of Asia, and more!


Inside the booklet


The left page discusses the easy-to-observe planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus.

The right page (shown here) and the last page of the booklet are dedicated to some of the most famous deep-sky sightings, such as galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.


A plastic covering has been specially designed to protect the whole booklet, even when rotating map is in use. No need to worry about damage, just go ahead and bring it into the starry wilderness!





Due to their movements around the sun, the planets change positions as weeks go by. That’s why the Stelvision 365 includes tracking guides for the four most popular planets: Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. The guides are grouped together on a card valid for four years (two years per side). Our current edition shows the projected positions of the planets up through 2016 – and updates can be printed for free on the Stelvision website!

Two pages are dedicated to the marvels of deep-sky: objects that are immensely distant and yet accessible with modest amateur instruments. We provide guide maps and background information for eight of the most famous star clusters, nebulae and galaxies, along with pointers on what you can see with just a small telescope or binoculars. The perfect introduction to the immensity of the cosmos!


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Name Stelvision - 365 Sky Map (for use between latitudes 30ºN to 45ºN)
Manufacturer Stelvision
Model ST-365
Manufacturer Part No ST-365