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StarryNight - Starry Night Pro Plus 7


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Availability: Available - Ships in 2-4 Days


Available - Ships in 2-4 Days

Manufactured by: Starry Night


The new Starry Night Pro Plus 7 has improved database's and information on celestial objects, combining new precise improvements and research abilities for the amateur astronomer.

Tons of New Features Included in the All New Version 7!

  • More planetary 3D maps with rock/mineral locations, magnetic fields etc.
  • Added Planck, IRAS-COBE, and 2 micron images to view big bang remnants
  • Expanded asteroid catalogs
  • Updated telescope, eyepieces and accessories list
  • Analemma can be drawn on planet's surface
  • Extragalactic 3D databases including 200,000 galaxies over 1 billion light years away
  • New photorealistic horizons
  • All known 3D exoplanets with location, size, orbit and planetary texture
  • New user interface with universal search, locates sky objects, favorite files, SkyGuide pages, options, events, and more
  • Detailed surface of planets and moons
  • Stars now 3D with color texture and radii
  • New space mission simulations added as well as updates to future missions.
  • Precise planetary positions using JPL
  • 3500 unique descriptions for stars, planets, moons, satellites, exoplanets, space missions, deep sky objects and more
  • Restyled skyguide
  • New terrain shadows, reflections and city night lights on dark side of Earth
  • Updated Messier catalog
  • AllSky CCD Mosaic Zoom
  • Compatible with Maxim DL (SOLD SEPARATELY) to import pictures into Starry Night
  • Observational planner
  • Field of view indicators
  • HR diagram for tracking of star spectral type
  • 180° FOV
  • Night vision
  • Light pollution preferences
  • Milky way photos in 12 different spectrums
  • Time travel between 99,999 BC to 99,999 AD!
  • 16 million stars

Computer Requirements

  • Windows 8, 7, or Vista
  • Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or higher
  • Minimum 1GHz processor
  • 1GB Ram
  • 12GB hard drive space
  • 124MB OpenGL 1.4 graphics card












Additional Information

Name StarryNight - Starry Night Pro Plus 7
Manufacturer Starry Night
Model ORI-17361
Manufacturer Part No ORI-17361