Starlight Instruments Fit Chart


TPO RC Telescopes OTA Thread Focuser Adapter
6/8" RC M90x1 FTF2015BCR A20-271 OR
  FTF2015BCR-RP A20-3003-1 OR
  FTF1515BCR/FTF1515BCR-DS A15-1503-2
10/12/14/16" RC M117x1 FTF3015B-A A30-1903-40 OR
FTF3215B-A A32-3203-40


Celestron SCT
Feather Touch Microfocuser
Telescope Model Telescope Size   Focuser
Evolution and SE 6" FTM-C6 Evolution
Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA 8" FTM-CPC8
Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA 9.25" FTM-CPC9.25
Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA 11" FTM-CPC11
Edge HD/CPC/Evolution/RASA 14" FTM-C14HD
Telescopes with the 3 triangulated pattern will need the CPC version of the Feather Touch Microfocuser
C8 with smooth or ribbed back 8" FTM-C8
C9.25 with smooth or ribbed back 9.25 FTM-C9.25
C11 with smooth or ribbed back 11" CTM-C11
C14 with smooth or ribbed back 14" FTM-C14


Telescope Model OTA Thread  Focuser Adapter
ES80 Aluminum w/o sliding dewshield M89x1 FTF2535HD A25-2003-23
ES80 Aluminum w/sliding dewshield  M87x.75 FTF2535HD A25-2003-24
ES102 Aluminum w/o sliding dewshield M102x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903ES102
ES102 Aluminum w/sliding dewshield  M99x.75 FTF3035B-A A30-1903ES102A
ES102/ES115 Carbon Fiber   4.6" Inside diameter FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES102CF OR
FTF3235B-A A32-3203-ES102CF
ES127 Carbon Fiber w/o sliding dewshield 4.732" Inside diameter FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES127
ES127/140 Carbon Fiber w/sliding dewshield  5.58" Inside diameter FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES127A
ES127 Aluminum w/o sliding dewshield M130x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES130
ES127 Aluminum w/sliding dewshield M126x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES130A OR
  FTF3235B-A A32-3203-ES130A
ES152/165 Carbon Fiber 6.825" Inside diameter FTF3035B-A A30-1903-ES152 OR
  FTF3235B-A A32-3203-ES152


LS50T FTF1575BCR or FTF1575BCR-DS A15-1503-1
LS60T FTF2015BCR A20-399
LS80T FTF2025BCR A20-399
LS100T FTF2015BCR A20-399
LS130T FTF2025BCR A20-399
LS152T FTF2025BCR A20-399


Equinox 66 M73x1 FTF2025BCR A20-731
80/100/120 ED and Evostar Refractors Non threaded 3.804" FTF2025BCR A20-292 OR
FTF2015BCR-RP A20-3003-8 OR
FTF3035B-A A30-1903-104
Esprit 80 M109x1.5 FTF3015B-A A30-1903-28
Espirit 100 M128x1 FTF3015B-A A30-1903-102
Esprit 120/150 M147x1.5 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-103 OR
FTF3545B-A A35-503-103
SkyWatcher Newtonians Non Threaded FTF2025BCR A20-240 or A20-241
SkyWatcher Equinox Refractors M84x1 FTF2535HD A25-2003-20


CN212/Mewlon 180, 210, 250 M71x1 FTF2008BCR A20-261 OR
CN212/Mewlon 180, 210, 250 M71x1 FTF2015BCR A20-291
Mewlon 300 and 250CRS M72x1 FTF2025BCR A20-300
FS60 &FC76 M77.5x1 FTF2025BCR A20-302
FS78/FC100/FSQ85 M95x1 FTF2025BCR A20-304
FSQ85 M95x1 FTF3015B-A A30-1903-85
FS78/FC100 M95x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-85
TSA120 M125x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-31
FCT150/FS128 M145X1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-145 OR
FCT150/FS128 M145X1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-145
FSQ106N M114x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-4 OR
FSQ106N M114x1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-FSQ106
TOA130/FS152 M155x1 FTF3035B-A A30-1903-TOA130 OR
TOA130/FS152 M155x1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-TOA130
TOA150 M179x1 FTF3545B-A A35-503-TOA150
FSQ106ED M133x1 FTF3515-FSQ106ED A35-503-FSQ106ED
Epsilon 130-160 MPA-TAK2.7-E130/E160 Feather Touch pinion assembly
Epsilon 180 MPA-TAK2.7-E180 Feather Touch pinion assembly


All Tele Vue Telescopes sold since 2012 come standard with a Feather Touch pinion assembly.  The Feather Touch  pinion assembly for Tele Vue does not look like a standard Feather Touch because as we machine the knobs to Tele Vue's specifications but all the inner workings are the same exact parts that comes with a 2" Feather Touch Crayford focuser.

Below is the information if you want to upgrade your telescope with a Feather Touch pinion assembly.

Telescope                Feather Touch Pinion
Tele Vue non (is) with black draw tube MPA-TELBb
Tele Vue non (is) with chrome draw tube MPA-TEL0Bb
Tele Vue (is) PIN-24FT


Below is the information if you want to upgrade your Tele Vue Telescope with a complete Feather Touch focuser

Telescope Model   Focuser   Adapter
Tele Vue non (is) FTF2025BCR A20-227
Tele Vue Pronto FTF2025BCR A20-227
Tele Vue (is) FTF2025BCR A20-228 OR
FTF3025B-A A30-1903-26
Tele Vue Renaissance FTF2025BCR A20-C8071
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