Explore Scientific - ED127 Classic White f/7.5 Air Spaced Triplet with Hoya FCD100 Optics and 2.5" HEX Focuser

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The Explore Scientific 127mm f/7.5 FCD100 APO Refractor features the Explore Scientific HEX 2.5" focuser capable of carrying up to 10 pounds, premium Hoya FCD100 optical glass and EMD coatings on all optical surfaces housed in an aluminum optical tube. Includes rings, and Vixen style dovetail.
SKU: EXP-FCD100-127075-01
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Explore Scientific

Product Description

Explore Scientific 127mm FCD100 Apochromatic Refractor

With the Explore Scientific FCD100 127mm refractor, featuring an ample 127mm or 5 inches of aperture you'll gather an incredible amount of light, highlighting the turbulent beauty of Jupiter's stormy atmosphere or transporting you to the rocky surfaces of the Moon. The Explore 127mm FCD100 telescope makes an ideal choice for the astrophotographer and observer alike. Capturing images in with beautiful true color and stunning sharp constrast.

Based on the Explore Scientific triplet refractor design, and building on the incredible optical quality, the FCD100 series uses one of the best types of optical glass - Hoya FCD100. Similar to Ohara FPL-53 glass, FCD100 provides a true diffraction limited design. With an air-spaced triplet design, the FCD100 series eliminates chromatic abberations for jaw-dropping brilliant contrast and gorgeous color rendition thanks to extra low dispersion glass and Explore's own EMD enhanced multi-layer coatings on all optical surfaces. The all aluminum optical tube is has interior flat black coatings to eliminate unwanted reflections and provides a stable and durable housing for the FCD100 lens elements.

To further enhance your observing and imaging sessions, the 127mm FCD100 features an Explore Scientific 2.5" Hexagonal focuser which can support up to 10 pounds without slipping or flexure.

Explore Scientific ED127 FCD100 f/7.5 Triplet Refractor Features & Specifications:

  • FCD100 Hoya optical glass.
  • Air spaced triplet design with premium, precision EMD coatings on all lens surfaces.
  • Surprisingly portable for a 5" refractor, this telescope weighs just 18 pounds.
  • Integrated dew shield.
  • Includes Explore Scientific's 2.5" HEX Focuser, capable of holding up to 10 pounds.
  • Includes cradle rings, Vixen (V series) dovetail plate, Explore Scientific finder scope base installed on scope (no finder included), and a 99% reflectivity 2" diagonal.


Name Explore Scientific - ED127 Classic White f/7.5 Air Spaced Triplet with Hoya FCD100 Optics and 2.5" HEX Focuser
Manufacturer Explore Scientific
Model EXP-FCD100-127075-01
UPC 812257017621
Manufacturer Part # EXP-FCD100-127075-01
Aperture 130mm
Focal Ratio f/7.3
Focuser 2.5" HEX Focuser
Warranty Explore Scientific STAR Lifetime Warranty (click to read more)


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Review by:
After buying my first scope about a year ago, I decided to change direction with the type of telescope that I owned. As much as I like diffraction spikes on my images, I need something that was fast than my current setup, while still being able to use it for visual purposes.

I was introduced to the world of refractors and knew that I had to make a choice. Since I do not have the money to spend on something crazy, I settled in for the ES ED127 with FCD100 glass.

Not really understanding what differences it makes, i learnt that the FCD100 glass is higher standard than the FPL-51 or FPL-53 glass that everyone raves about. Naturally I didnt want to be the first to dive into this, so i waited. Once word got out and results appeared on various websites, I decided that the extra 300-400 was worth the jump.

I got the scope and was so impressed with the packaging and box! I know that seems like such a minor thing, but when you get something that comes in a cool box, you dont want to throw it away! Even the diagonal that came with the scope had some neat box with what im guessing is a star map of something.

I had an experience friend star test this for me and he was very impressed. So much so that within moments, other people had formed a line to check the star test and a huge buzz of excitement from everyone filled the night.

Naturally I felt like i had a good piece of equipment and went on with my viewing knowing that I had a scope that was a serious contender with the big boys. Okay, it aint no Tak as some people would say, but I dont care! I feel confident that the scope will perform for many years.

(Posted on 5/23/2017)
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