Celestron - C14-AF XLT - 14" SCT Optical Tube Assembly for CGE/CGX - 91038-XLT

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  • Celestron 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Tube Assembly is Fastar compatible and features Celestron's premium StarBright XLT coatings.

  • Includes dovetail rail compatible with CGE mount

  • 3910 mm focal length (f/11)

  • 40 mm 1.25" eyepiece included (98x) and included visual back allows for use with 2" accessories

  • 9x50 finderscope to help accurately find objects

  • 2" mirror diagonal provides more comfortable viewing position when observing objects that are high in the sky

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Product Description

CELESTRON - C14 XLT Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Tube Assembly (OTA only) 

FASTAR Compatible  91038-XLT

The Celestron C14 XLT Optical Tube (OTA) is Celestron’s first new Schmidt-Cassegrain optical system in over a decade.  This 14” Schmidt-Cassegrain features a precision optical system with 3910mm focal length, a focal ratio of f/11 and comes standard with Celestron’s StarBright XLT coatings at no extra cost.  Celestron has designed a completely new multi-layer, anti-reflective coating and introduced a new low-absorption, high-transmission glass for the corrector lens. This unequaled combination is standard with every StarBright XLT system. The StarBright XLT coatings help improve light transmission to ensure that the highest quality images are delivered through the eyepiece or onto an imaging chip.. The light gathering power is 2581x more than the human eye meaning planets and other dark-sky wonders are easily resolved.  Using a Celestron Focal Reducer  , the focal ratio becomes a faster f/7, meaning professional quality deep sky imaging is enhanced since exposure times can be reduced, larger pixel sizes used and unwanted pixel blooming less likely.
Still not fast enough?  The C14-AF XLT model is Fastar compatible. This means that the secondary mirror can be removed and replaced by a corrected camera for extreme wide-field photography at f/2.1! The C14 is the only SCT in current world production that offers this unique ability. 

A telescope is a group of optical elements that collects light and focuses it for observation through an eyepiece or similar imaging device. There are two types of optical elements: mirrors and lenses. Mirrors reflect light, and Lenses refract (bend) light. The Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope uses both mirrors and lenses. In this telescope, light passes through the corrector lens, reflects off the primary mirror, reflects off the secondary mirror, and finally comes to a focus at the focal plane.                          


  • 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA
  • StarBright XLT coatings
  • 2581x light gathering power
  • 3910mm focal length
  • f/11 focal ratio
  • 2" Star Diagonal
  • 40mm eyepiece 98x
  • 9x50 finderscope
  • CGE dovetail slide bar for mounting
  • Unique enhanced multi-layer mirror coatings made from precise layers of aluminum, SiO2 (quartz), TiO2 (titanium dioxide), and Si02 (silicon dioxide). Reflectivity iS flat across the spectrum, optimizing it for both imaging and visual observing.
  • Multi-layer anti-reflective coatings made from precise layers of MgF2 (magnesium fluoride) and HfO2 (hafnium dioxide).
  • High-transmission water white glass is used instead of soda lime glass for the corrector lens. Water white glass transmits about 90.5% without anti-reflective coatings; that’s 3.5% better transmission than uncoated soda lime glass. When water white glass is used in conjunction with StarBright XLT’s anti-reflective coatings, the average transmission reaches 97.4%: an 8% improvement.*


Name Celestron - C14-AF XLT - 14" SCT Optical Tube Assembly for CGE/CGX - 91038-XLT
Manufacturer Celestron
Model CEL-91038-XLT
UPC 050234103893
In The Box Celestron 14" SCT Optical Tube, Fastar Compatible CGE Dovetail 2" Mirror Diagonal Visual Back 40mm Eyepiece 9x50 Finderscope with Bracket
Aperture 355.6 mm (14 in)
Finderscope 9x50
Focal Length 3910 mm (154 in)
Focal Ratio f/11
Highest Useful Magnification 840 x
Lowest Useful Magnification 51 x
Optical Design Schmidt-Cassegrain
Optical Tube Aluminum
Star Diagonal 1.25


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In the Box

Celestron 14" SCT Optical Tube, Fastar Compatible
CGE Dovetail
2" Mirror Diagonal
Visual Back
40mm Eyepiece
9x50 Finderscope with Bracket

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