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  1. Officina Stellare - Veloce Riccardi-Honders Mark II 200AT f/3 Astrograph w/manual 72mm Finefocus and GP Dovetail


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    A thermal version of the Officina Stellare RH200 Mark II, perfect for who needs the maximum focal point stability.  The OTA is made of carbon and not alumium. The tip tilt system is the same used on the RH 200 MKII. This version is highly recommended to operate in conditions where there is a very big temperature range between day and night, like in desertic areas for example. Dewshield is not retractable. 
    You can now expect an even better large field photographic performance thanks to an innovative light baffles coating will give you a much better reduction of ghosts and scattered light. 
    In addition, the new MK II-AT version uses an improved tip-tilt adjustment much more precise and easy to set also with heavy and complex image train.  It corrects 4 corners (one every 90°) and not only 3 like in the most diffused tip-tilt systems. This new tip-tilt plate can be also equipped with motors to allow a remote control of the feature with our software. This version is definitely recommended for large size sensors and heavy cameras
  2. Officina Stellare - Veloce Riccardi-Honders 200AT f/3 Astrograph

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