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  1. Orion - UltraBlock Filter, 2"

    SKU: ORI-05657

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    The UltraBlock is the filter for deep-sky observers located at highly light-polluted sites

  2. Baader - 2" Polarization Filter - Double


    In stock

    The Baader 2" Polarizer can attacha a T2-15 adapter, enabling the use of 1.25" eyepiece without removing the filter while keeping the eyepiece and filter position close.

  3. Explore Scientific - 2" CLS Filter

    SKU: EXP-310220

    In stock

    A general-purpose light-pollution reduction filter designed for observing the broad range of deep sky objects including nebulae and galaxies.

  4. Orion - 2" Hydrogen-Beta Nebula Eyepiece Filter

    SKU: ORI-05584

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

  5. Explore Scientific - 2" UHC Filter

    SKU: EXP-310210

    In stock

    UHC - This is an ultra-high contrast narrow-band filter, designed for observing the broad range of nebulae with 2.0-inch standard eyepieces or filter wheels.

  6. Optolong - H-Alpha 12nm CCD Filter - 2" Mounted

    SKU: OPO-HAL12-200

    In stock

    The Optolong H-Alpha 12nm Narrowband Filter works by permitting a 12nm bandwidth of light, fixated on the 656nm wavelength through, and blocking the transmission of contrast-killing light pollution wavelengths.

  7. Orion - SkyGlow Filter, 2"

    SKU: ORI-05561

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    SkyGlow Broadband Filter, 2 inch * The SkyGlow filter enhances deep-sky observing in moderately light-polluted skies * It blocks the most common wavelengths of light pollution for increased contrast and better views * SkyGlow improves the
  8. Orion - 6-Slot 2" Filter Slider

    SKU: ORI-05065

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Use this handy 2" filter slider to quickly switch between up to six 2" eyepiece filters to enhance and improve your views.

  9. Explore Scientific - Neutral Density Filter 2" ND 0.9

    SKU: EXP-310240

    In stock

    The Explore Scientific neutral density filter transmits light uniformly across the entire visual spectrum.

  10. Orion - 1.25" H-Alpha Extra-Narrowband Filter

    SKU: ORI-05587

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Get Great Nebula Images Under City Lights or a Full Moon with the Orion Hydrogen-Alpha Extra Narrowband Astrophotography Filter!

  11. Explore Scientific - 2" O-III Filter

    SKU: EXP-310200

    In stock

    Oxygen III - This is the highest contrast Nebula Filter in the series, a line filter for only the two emission lines of oxygen.

  12. Orion - OIII Nebula Telescope Filter 2"

    SKU: ORI-05582

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    You can't turn up the luminosity on nebulas, but you can crank up the contrast between them and the sky to reveal more of their wondrous detail.

  13. Orion - 2" SkyGlow Broadband Eyepiece Filter

    SKU: ORI-05659

    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Light pollution is waging war on amateur astronomy. But don’t surrender — fight back with this Orion SkyGlow broadband telescope filter!

  14. Explore Scientific - 2" H-Beta Filter

    SKU: EXP-310230

    In stock

    The Explore Scientific H-beta filter uses a characteristic property of the so called emission nebulae. Those objects glow in special colors, the so called emission lines.

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