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  1. Lunt - LS50THa 50mm Pressure Tuned Hydrogen-alpha Telescope with B400 Blocking Filter - Open Box Fully Warrantied

    SKU: LS50THa/B400PT-OPEN

    In Stock

    Lunt Solar Systems has released a new 50mm pressure tuned dedicated Hydrogen-alpha telescope

  2. Canon - C100 Kit Used

    SKU: 1000149-U

    In stock

    Used C100 Kit

  3. Orion - SteadyPix Pro Universal Camera/Smartphone Mount 1.25" - USED


    In stock

    Used Orion SteadyPix Pro Universal Camera/Smartphone Mount 1.25".

  4. USED - Nikkor AF-S 18-300mm 3.5-5.6 DX ED VR

    SKU: 1000112-U

    In stock

  5. Software Bisque - Paramount MX+ Mount - DEMO


    In stock

    This is a never been opened Software Bisque MX+ from the factory fully warrantied including the software with some paint scratch. At $1000.00 saving, this is definitely a must have.

  6. Starlight Xpress - Adaptive Optics - USED


    Wait Time is 3-5 Days

    Out of stock

  7. Celestron - EdgeHD 1100 11" Optical Tube Assembly with Top Dovetail Upgrade -XLT

    SKU: 91050-XLT-DEMO

    In Stock

    EdgeHD optical system consists of a zero power corrector plate, a spherical primary mirror, and a secondary mirror along with a set of field flattening lenses integrated into the baffle.....
  8. Nikon - D810 Camera Body - USED

    SKU: 3017010-U

    In stock

    Used D810 body only. Ideal for astro-imaging.

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  9. Meade - 25mm Kelener with Crosshair - USED


    In stock

    Simple kelener with crosshair. Pick up a cross hair 25mm kelener without breaking the bank.

  10. Meade - 8" LX200-ACF (f/10) Advanced Coma-Free Telescope - (UHTC) - USED

    SKU: 0810-60-03-U

    In stock

    Meade - 8 " LX200-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope with UHTC

  11. Software Bisque - MYT Mount - USED

    SKU: MYT-U

    In stock

  12. Stellarvue - 50mm Finder/Guider with the Bracket and Cross Hair Eyepiece - USED

    Regular Price: $299.00

    You Pay: $175.00

    SKU: F050G-U

    In stock

  13. Orion - 2" 4 Position Filter Wheel - USED


    In stock

  14. Celestron - 9x50 Finder used with the Mounting Bracket

    SKU: 51611-U

    In stock

    Celestron 9x50 finder used with the mounting bracket.

  15. Losmandy - 150mm Ring Set without Base - USED

    SKU: 150MMRING-U

    In stock

    Losmandy 150mm ring set without base. Used

  16. Celestron - Quick Release Finder - USED


    In stock

  17. Canon - EF 24mm f/1.4L USM Wide Angle Lens (USED)

    SKU: CA-2750B002-OPEN

    In stock

    Canon's newest fixed length L-series lens, the EF 24mm f/1.4L, incorporates the newest in Canon lens technology for spectacular
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