Lunt - 60mm H-Alpha Solar-Telescope with B1200 Blocking Filter and 2" Feather Touch Focuser

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This Lunt 60mm Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope has a focal length of 500mm and includes a 12mm Blocking Filter.
Manufactured by:
Lunt Solar Systems

Product Description

The LS60/Ha (hydrogen alpha) Solar Telescope is a  refractor based system which features a precision aligned singlet chromatical lens with a 60mm aperture. The front singlet lens reduces by half  the stray light of an achromat , fully eleminates the possibility for on-axis coma, astigmatism, or decentering aberrations and provides, with the matched collimation lens set, a full spherical corrected flat-field Solar-Telescope. The focal length is 500mm providing a ~4.5 mm image thru a B1200 (12mm) Blocking Filter.  Fine adjustment is achieved with a dual speed Starlight Instruments style focuser  with 10:1 reduction standard.  An internal Etalon, optimized at 656.28nm, with tune adjustment +0.0/-0.4 Angstroms, allows for a <0.75 Angstrom bandpass.

You can achieve coarse focus adjustment with a slide tube, and then fine focus adjustment via the included dual-speed 2" Starlight Instruments focuser with 10:1 reduction. Its clam shell mounting ring (compatible with most tripods), stylized white pearl paint, anodized black trim, and included foam lined hard case are all part of the amazing Lunt Solar Telescope System.


Lunt Solar Systems currently offers 4 blocking filter apertures for use with their Etalon systems. The Blocking Filter houses additional filters which are required for the safety and performance of the solar package.  Lunt Solar blocking filters contain a unique filter system. Lunt will only warranty safety or performance when a Lunt blocking filter is paired with a Lunt H-alpha filter or telescope.

Required Blocking Filters:

B600 for standard visual use   (Optional)
B1200 for larger field of view and imaging applications (Included)
B1800 for large FOV and imaging  (Ootional)


  • The Lunt Solar Systems LS60THa Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope comes with a precision aligned 60mm singlet lens w/ internal etalon with tune adjustment for a maximum  <0.75 Angstrom bandpass.

  • Reveals excellent details on both the solar surface, limb edge, flares and prominences.

  • This Lunt 60mm Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope has a focal length of 500mm and includes a 12mm Blocking Filter.

  • This model includes a Precision  2"dual speed Starlight Instruments focuser, a clam shell mounting ring, and a foam-lined case.


             LS60T Features:  (single stacked)

  • Optical Aperture: 60mm
  • Etalon: Internal <0.75 Angstrom
  • Tuning: Tilt
  • Image Scale: 273
  • Focal Length: 500mm
  • F Ratio: f/ 8.3
  • Focuser: Dual speed Starlight Instruments 10:1
  • Mounting: Integrated clamshell style with 1/4-20 tapped base
  • Storage: Aluminum finished hard case with fitted foam
  • Weight: 6lbs


Optional Accessories:  












Name Lunt - 60mm H-Alpha Solar-Telescope with B1200 Blocking Filter and 2" Feather Touch Focuser
Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
Model LUN-LS60THa/B1200FT
Aperture 60mm
Bandwidth <0.75Å
Collimation Cap Internal Collimation lens system
Dovetail Compatibility Losmandy
Eyepieces none
Focal Length 500mm
Focal Ratio f / 8.3
Focuser 2" Starlight Instruments FeatherTouch
Mount Clamshell
Objective 60mm singlet chromatical
Optical Coatings Hi contrast multi
Star Diagonal Lunt w/ blocking filter
Warranty 5 yr


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