Lunt - LS60THa 60mm H-Alpha Telescope

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Availability: Discontinued - See Suggested Alternative Below

Manufactured by:
Lunt Solar Systems

Product Description

Lunt LS60THa 60mm H-Alpha Telescope

Walkthrough of the Lunt 60mm H-Alpha Tilt-Tuned Solar Telescope. Learn about the telescope and which options are right for you for:

  • Blocking Filters
  • Focusers
  • Sol-Searcher
  • Dovetail Mount
  • Eyepieces

All Lunt LS60THa Tilt-Tuned Solar Telescopes need a blocking filter.

Which blocking filter is right for you?

  • B600 – You are planning to use this telescope visually.
  • B1200 – You want a wider field of view and/or plan to do some imaging with a standard camera.
  • No Blocking Filter – only choose this package if you already have a Lunt Solar Systems blocking filter at your disposal.

All Lunt Solar Systems h-alpha telescopes require a Lunt Blocking Filter!

The Lunt LS60THa tilt-tuned solar telescope is a complete h-alpha solar telescope. The refractor-based system has a precision-aligned singlet chromatic lens with a 60 mm aperture. The front singlet lens reduces half the stray light of an achromat, fully eliminating the possibility of on-axis coma, astigmatism, de-centering aberrations, and provides, with the matched collimation lens set, a full spherical corrected flat-field solar telescope.

The focal length is 500 mm, providing a ~4.5 mm image through a 6 mm blocking filter. Fine adjustment is achieved with a 2″ Crayford-style focuser or Feather Touch focuser with 10:1 reduction. An internal etalon with tilt-tune adjustment allows for a <0.8 Angstrom bandpass.


Name Lunt - LS60THa 60mm H-Alpha Telescope
Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
Aperture 60mm
Bandwidth <0.70Å
Case Fitted foam
Focal Length 500
Focal Ratio f/8.3
Focuser Crayford style Dual Speed
Focus System Friction
Mount Clamshell
Objective precision aligned singlet chromatical
Optical Coatings multi coated
Star Diagonal sold separately
Warranty 5 yrs


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