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  1. Lunt - 60mm H-Alpha Solar-Telescope with B1200 Blocking Filter and 2 Crayford Focuser

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    This Lunt 60mm Hydrogen-Alpha Telescope has a focal length of 500mm and includes a 12mm Blocking Filter.
  2. Lunt - LS60THa 60mm H-Alpha Telescope


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  3. Lunt - 60mm Ha Telescope w/ B1200 with Pressure Tuner & Starlight Instruments 2 " Feather Touch Focuser


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    This package provides the basic essentials perfect for a first time introduction to Daytime Solar Observing, while also including the newest technology for fine tuning, a True Doppler Pressure Tuner, allowing basic research of the Sun’s disk and surface details.
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When stargazing comes to mind, most people think of viewing stars through a telescope. While that is true, many people overlook or don't know that it is possible to observe the closest star to us, the Sun! However, special telescopes are reserved for this purpose. Solar Telescopes are built with special optics and safety protection to observe the Sun. With these special made optical tube designs, amateur astronomers can now see activity on the sun! Most of these solar telescopes will show sunspots (if they're there of course) and with more high-end equipment, possibly solar flares as well!