Lunt - CaK Module for the LS152T Scope

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Cak module for LS152T telescope 12mm Calcium K  Module for the LS152T has internal narrow band filters allowing for a <2.4 Angstrom bandpass. Includes Crayford style focuser and adapter for scopes

Manufactured by:
Lunt Solar Systems

Product Description


Specifically designed as an interchangeable component for LS152THa solar scopes, the Lunt Solar 12mm Calcium K  Module for the LS152T has internal Narrow Band filters allowing for a <2.4 Angstrom bandpass. It is a very simple and easy process to remove the original Internal Etalon from a stock LS152T and replace it with the Ca-K unit which will then shift sensitivity to the Violet light spectrum (UV) centered on 393.37nm.  Ca-K is primarily used for imaging because the human eye can barely discern light from this end of the light spectrum.  Surface features such as sunspots and surface granulation definetly benefit from the increased contrast recorded in CaK  while proms, flares and other features from the Suns' limb image more dramatically in H-alpha.  Both have their benefits and having one scope that can record both is awesome!

This module was designed especially for the LS152THa H-alpha telescope. It comes with a completely new focuser. Simply unscrew the three thumbscrews at the LS152THa that hold the H-alpha unit and the focuser. Install  the new focuser with the Ca-K module, and you have changed your LS152T to a real Ca-K telescope.

But there is more: with the new focuser (without inserted Ca-K module) the LS152T can also be used as a normal astronomical night-sky telescope! Or you can observe the sun with an additional Lunt 2" Herschel wedge in white-light!



Can only be used with a LS152THa Solar Telescope.




                                Left image recorded in H-alpha                                                     Right image recorded in Ca-K 

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Name Lunt - CaK Module for the LS152T Scope
Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
Bandwidth centered on 393.4nm
Bandpass Blocking Filter Narrow Band <2.4Å
Design Dedicated Ca-K bandpass filter for LS152T Solar Scope only
Eyepiece Barrel Size 2"
Optical Coatings Multi coated
Spectrum Violet light (UV)
Telescope Interface Lunt LS152T only
Warranty 5 yr


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