SkyShed - POD Observatory XL3

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SkyShed POD XL3 Includes - POD Dome, 2 Wall Panels, 3 POD Bays, 1 Door, Assembly Hardware, Assembly DVD.
SKU: POD3000
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Product Description

SkyShed POD XL3 Includes - POD Dome, 2 Wall Panels, 3 POD Bays, 1 Door, Assembly Hardware, Assembly DVD.

Options to choose from when checking out -

Please choose your dome and wall colors, insulation and lining options, or your glow color options, and your shipping State or Province.

You can add extra POD Bays or wall panels "a la carte" in the Extras area. It costs much less to ship extra Bays and wall panels when you add them to your original POD shipment.

POD Bay Lining Fifteen pounds of black polyethylene, melded to the Bay color of your choice. Adds even more strength, plus IR radiation protection to PODs installed in extreme high temp areas. Lowers temperatures inside Bay.
Note - Darkens outer translucent color slightly in the light colored Bays -White, Blue, Ice Green. Your Bays will be slightly darker than your non black lined adjacent panels if you choose a light color. With the Tan, the Grays, and Green, you'll see less difference in color tone.

Plus Ecomate Insulated Wall Panels  Hardened Ecomate Spray Foam Insulation, adds incredible strength to the already strong wall panels. It blocks Infra Red radiation, UV radiation, and keeps the interior much cooler in extremely hot outside temps. Will help keep heat inside in winter too.

The insulation option is designed for high heat environments
, but the added strength makes it a great option for any environment.

Please Note If you're choosing wall insulation, you cannot choose Discovery White as your wall color. The insulation darkens over time and will make your walls look brown.

Bonus Items DeepSky 2011 Software, SkyNews Subscription, SkyShed Pier Plans and over 40 Freeware and Trialware software programs on CD,
Official POD Cap.


Name SkyShed - POD Observatory XL3
Manufacturer SkyShed
Model POD3000


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